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[Multi-Region] Fishing Sim World - Platinum Game Save [CUSA12376]

Download Name: [Multi-Region] Fishing Sim World - Platinum Game Save [CUSA12376]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: 7h1nk

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA12376

File Size: 164.99 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Downloads: 3

Views: 136

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Item description:

Here a platinum save for (Multi) Fishing Sim World [CUSA12376].
I don't know which trophies you can make with it but maybe someone would like to test it and report it.

!!!! In order not to be flagged on leaderboard pages you should definitely do so with a dummy account
testing. For the order of the trophies you can also check the leaderboard pages. !!!!

- normally trigger the trophies for fish catch after (e.g. catch 50 Bass Fish - you only need one more
Bass Catch and the trophy should trigger). It should work for the following trophies (not 100% sure):
Centurion, Fully Hooked, 50/50, Bagging Bass, Down and Outer, Up And Comer, Catching Carp, Trophy Veteran,
The Bass Boss, The Carp Collector, The Cat Conqueror, First Catch, Showboat, The Prospector, In The Big Bucks,
Battle Scarred, Deep Pockets, Brand Junkie, Learning The Ropes, Boast And Gloat.
- The following trophies will not trigger in my opinion (maybe not sure if you do it offline
tries): Event Attendee, Competitive Edge, Gunning For it, Jack Of All Trades, Angling Tycoon.
- I'm sure you can use it so that you won't be flagged on leaderboard pagesWinky Winky
For this you should make the following trophies before you use this Save.
(If the leaderboard not interesst you and you give a s..t of this then needn't read any further Happy ).
1. If you catch another fish you will get the trophies at the same time: first catch, Centurion, Fully Hooked.
And depending on which fish you catch could trigger: Up and Comer (if it is over 25 lbs);
50/50 (if it is over 50 lbs); Bagging Bass (if it's a Bass); Catching Carp (If there is a carp
is); Trophy Veteran (if it's a trophy fish); The Bass Boss (if it's a trophy Bass);
The carp collector (if it's a trophy carp); The cat Conqueror (if it is a catfish); In the Big Bucks
(you have over 200,000 in your account so you should trigger as soon as you catch another fish).
2. Battle Scarred, the trophy will trigger scarred from the fight as soon as you increase a further level (can already at
be the case with a fish).
3. If you buy a fishing line or something else, the trophies Deep Pockets and brand Junkie will be trigger.
4. So it's best to create your own new Save and just start with Dovetail Online League
play. There you will automatically get some trophies. For everyone else, I would go for everyone
First use a dummy account to test it.

DLC: The following DLC trophies are also possible with the Save: Jezioro Besti (Big Tally); Gillhams Fishing
Resort (Fully Flexible); Talon Fishery (Beak Performance).

Have fun with it and see you with the next save
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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