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Skyrim 5 Game Save (Sybil, Brenton, Level 34)

Download Name: Skyrim 5 Game Save (Sybil, Brenton, Level 34)  

Category: Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Game Saves

Author: Me

Submitted By: DSZAaaas

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Version: 1

File Size: 1.30 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

Sybil, Brenton, Level 34
/Beautiful blonde Girl/
Headsman's Axe (10) Hunting Bow(damage:900) Iron mace (damage: 454) Silver Greatsword (10) Silver Sword (10) Woodcutter's Axe

Ancient Nord Armor(9) +1 Armor: 88896 Circlet(8) Cowl(11) Daedric armor Health(9) Daedric boots brawn(9) Daedric boots Stamina (9) Daedric Gauntlets Alchemy(9) Daedric Gauntlets Smithing (9) Daedric Helmet waterbreathing (9) Dragonplate boots muffling(9) Dragonplate boots sneaking (9) Dragonscale Gauntlets deft hands(9) Dragonscale Gauntlets Lockpick (9) Falmer Helmet(9) Fanton boots sneaking 2102992896 and muffled. Fur boots(9) Gloves(8) Gold Necklace (8) Gold Ring(1365) Health_Weight necklace 950078464 carrying 1583462400 increases health. Magic Circlet reg 1583462400 and magicka 1583462400 points. P_S Ring created potions 633384960 and weapons armor better. Psiijic Gloves(10) Sprint Boots carrying 950078464 p. Stamina 1583462400 p. Thief Gloves Lockpick and Pickpocket 2102992896. Two Handed Ring 1498205. Weapon_potions Ring 921972%.

Abecean Longfin 499,967
Blue Butterfly Wing 499,974
Cyrodilic Spadetail 499,967
Hagraven Claw 499,969
Human Heart 499,764
Jarrin Root 499,764
Salt pile 499,966
Snowberries 499,943
Spriggan Sap 499969

Oghama Infinitum (100)

Black soul gem 10000 empty
Black Soul Gem (Grand) 93 filled
Common Soul Gem (98) filled
Gold Ingot(9150)
Petty Soul Gem (9683) filled
Skeleton Key(10)

Gold 469472

Magic: conjure familiar, Dragonskin, Flames, Healing, paralyze, Telekinesis, Transmute.

Perks to increase:20
Alchemy 100 (Alchemist (1/5) #this enough#
Smithing100 (steel, Arcane Blacksmiths)
Enchanting100 (enchater5/5 soul squeezer, insightful, Corpus,soul siphon, extra effect)

Discovered: Whiterun

Quests: Unbound Ok
Next: Talk to the Jarl of Whiterun

Tirdas,4:53 PM, 19th of Last Seed, 4E 201
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