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[EU] Red Dead Redemption 2 Complete Save-Set (Single Player)

Download Name: [EU] Red Dead Redemption 2 Complete Save-Set (Single Player) [CUSA08519]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Amoo_Ali

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA08519

File Size: 63.80 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

Comments: 1

Downloads: 69

Views: 700

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Item description:

Friends with benefits and Hobby Horse Trophies:

For 'Friends with benefits', go to camp and do 1 activity, there are some in night.

For Hobby Horse, play Blackjack (Saloon in Rhodes)

Breaking and Entering Trophy: Rob Catfish Jacksons house, and it will pop. For guide and location, go HERE

Take From the Rich Trophy: Start the Dutch mission, you will be going to Bronte's house, loot the guards, when you get to Bronte, before picking him up, Loot him and the trophy will pop. It's an easy and short mission.

Pony Up Trophy: Go to the Stables and buy a horse.

Extreme Personality Trophy: Go to any river or lake closer to you, and go fishing, use cheese bait (it attracts smaller fish, therefore easier) and fish for 1 or 2 times more. MAKE SURE to drop them back to water, do not keep them.

Lending a Hand Trophy: Go to camp and talk to LS (Confront Leopard Strauss)

Artificial Intelligence Trophy: Go to THIS location, enter from the back door, and look at the body.

Errand Boy Trophy (Updated): Just give the plant to Javier. (Credit to danilo_scala and Bierbubi88)

Grin and Bear it, Self Sufficient, It's Art Trophy: Go HERE

Western Stranger Trophy: Load the game, you should start in a camp near the red marker, tear down the camp (circle button) travel to the red marker on the map which is close to the camp, go in the building around the back and the trophies will pop.

Bountiful Trophy: Go HERE

Gold Rush, Best in the West, Zoologist and Skin Deep Trophy: Go HERE


To Greener Pastures Trophy: (Story-Related, for completing Chapter 2) Complete the D mission (Credit to GoKuSan86)

Settling Feuds Trophy: (Story-Related, for completing Chapter 3) Complete Mission D (Credit to GoKuSan86)

Washed Ashore Trophy: (Story-Related, for completing Chapter 4) Complete mission D (Credit to GoKuSan86)

No Traitors Trophy: Story-Related for chapter 5, just complete the mission. It was THIS Big! Trophy is also obtainable with this. (GUIDE) (Credit to petty1)

Third Time Lucky Trophy: Story-Related, Finish the SA mission in Saint Denis

Redemption Trophy: Finish the mission? (Credit to petty1)

Cowboy Builder Trophy: Story-Related, Complete the mission New Jerusalem. (Credit to petty1)

Endless Summer Trophy: Story-Related, Complete Last mission. (Credit to petty1)
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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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where is the *HERE* you keep mentioning?