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[EU] Kingdom Come: Deliverance Updated Starter Game Save [CUSA07180]

Download Name: [EU] Kingdom Come: Deliverance Updated Starter Game Save [CUSA07180]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Gangsta_NGU

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA07180

File Size: 176.71 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Downloads: 10

Views: 229

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Item description:

Ok so many users are getting confused to which game I'm talking about its simple if you download the game save and put it on your USB and open Save Wizard it will tell you what edition it is....

I do not own the Kingdom Come: Deliverance [Royal Edition]

Even dough it has the same [CUSA07180]

As i have already explained how you know if its a base game or not is that Save Wizard will tell you what edition it is

Now that i have gotten that out of the way

I also have to explain how i got max stills at the start of the game and max money..
going to give the long version just in case i left out anything that might confuse people again

Started the Disc of Kingdom Come Deliverance it was trying to do a update i deleted the update and played the game when you eventually was allow to move Henry
I went over to a guy who was chipping up wood the bet him up until he was knocked out when he was knocked out i dragged him into his house for more beating so no body cause witness the crimes cause if you get caught you have to redo everything again cause it will glitch your reputation and freeze your main objective also you can only pause or delete a update on a disc version doesnt work of on digital copy of the game I spent aout 6/7 real hrs beating the guy
it was a very slow progress as every time you hit the guy he would go cold and takes about 45 seconds to wake up so i could hit him again & again until i was satisfied with my level they i did the mission and bought a save then i save it then i copied save to USB to use SW to add more money job done went back into the game to make sure my save was working then i updated my game and its reset sum levels are i had to find another person to whack to get my level to were it was didnt work due to the updated version would only kill the person instead of knocking them out So i went back into SW and used Advanced Mode to edit my level and stats to my liking as you will notice that not a single skill is spent job done the code for your stats and level wont be added to the thread as its not a [quick code] i manually had to edit it and if i told you how you wont learn and it will be to long to explain.
Also backup your game saves before deleting any updates as it can problems I wouldn't recommend deleting the updates as you'll crash alot like the Blue screen crash other times you will lock up your PS4 for turning off the buttons weren't ever working for me when i was doing it so i has to plug the plug out the back this game shouldn't be downgraded on the version let it as you'll experiencing the same thing

Long story but now you understand how i done it

So here is my Kingdom Come game save starter save pretty much at the beginning of the game nothing spectacular just max level and max skills.
Now that i have finally fixed this issue that people had which again wasn't needed if you had SW open.....

Old Version 1.01
Updated Version 1.26
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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