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[EU] Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Complete Platinum Save-set

Download Name: [EU] Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Complete Platinum Save-set [CUSA05786]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: TrophyBro

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA05786

File Size: 95.82 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

Comments: 2

Downloads: 27

Views: 379

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Item description:

ello, guys. I decide to start thread to make complete saveset for one of the best entries in KH series which, unfortunately, have very grindy platinum.

The game have one system save and each save are being done in separate file (unlike all 3 other PS2 ported titles).

IMPORTANT: I started copy system file only recently so I hope that you don't need that one at least for story saves.

Saves are published in legit order.
You have LVL99, Max munny and mirage medals on all saves.
Use shotlock to kill bosses.
Use Magnega + Thundaga to kill waves of usual enemies.
Leave enough time between trophies to make it look legit.
Let's begin:

- The Journey Begins - You need to get it by yourself.

Ventus Playtrough:

- Encounters [Fly to the Badlands. Beat the boss.]
- A Moment of Rest [Talk with Pete, play Ice Cream mini-game. Skip cutscenes.]
- A Friend in Need [Go to the north. Beat the boss]
- The Dormant [Continue to the Keyblade Graveyard. Beat the boss.]

Terra Playthrough:

- Pursuit of Truth [Fly to the Mysterious Tower. Go in. Go up. Skip cutscene.]
- Defying Darkness [Fly to the Disney Town. Play Rumble Racing.]
- Entrusting Power [Go to the boat (North Exit). Enter the cave. Beat enemies. Skip cutscenes.]
- The Vessel [Continue to the Keyblade Graveyard. Beat the boss.]

Aqua Playthrough:

- Drifting Apart [Continue to the Indian Camp (to the right of you). Beat the boss.]
- Hopeful Hearts [Continue to the Central Square (North Exit). Beat the boss.]
- The Seeker [Continue to the Keyblade Graveyard. Beat the boss.]

Misc trophies:

- Perfect Shot - Get it on The Seeker/The Vessel/The Dormant Saves by yourself
- Profiler (System save should be resigned also) [Get last Report in Merlin's house.]
- Connected Hearts [Boot and complete final episode (Use Shotlock)]
- The Lost Chapter + Critical Competitor [Proceed from save. Kill boss.]
Ventus Misc Save 1:
- Command Board Conqueror [Beat Secret Board] (Or use Zabullionaire's save and beat any board here (be careful as that save may pop something not in legit order, but I recommend to try it offline, just go directly to Mirage Arena and play easiest board (Hunny Pot in my opinion).
- Pawn of the Arena [Beat Risky Riches Battle]
- Knight of the Arena [Beat Weaver Fever Battle]
- Queen of the Arena [Beat Treasure Tussle Battle]
Ventus Misc Save 2:
- B-Boy [Use command Break Time]
- P√Ętissier [Speak with Huey]
- D.J. [Hit benches and poles near your position with attack and Thundagas]
- The Warrior: Ventus [Press Start->Command Decks->Choose Deck->Set Deck 1->Continue game->Use Bueno Volcano]

Fly to Mirage Arena
- Rapid Racer [Win at Castle Circuit track, make only one opponent and minimal laps]
- Keepers of the Arena [Win that 4-star battle, use 2 Magnegas, 3 Thundagas, Cura, Curaga and Megalixir, use partial shotlock at bosses and dodge, they can kill you if you relax]
- King of the Arena [Win 'A Time to Chill' 4-star battle after you win 'Keepers of the Arena' battle above. It'll be a piece of cake]

Fly to Keyblade Graveyard (Choose to drop at Badlands)
- A Mere Shell [Use Strike Raids commands glitch, see YouTube guide]

You can get also Villains' Vendetta on this save but my setup isn't best here and you can try it on next save when I publish it
Bosses - NEED TEST (I'm not sure that it doesn't pop all trophies at once after you beat one of the battles so please someone check it)

- Villains' Vendetta [Same standard strategy. Thundagas + Magnegas and shotlock for bosses]
- Light's Will [All that you need is Multivortex Shotlock. Use it with R1 during right times (when boss casts laser beams or spheres), also put Mega-Ether or Megalixir to be able to recharge focus gauge]
- Darkness's Will [Use preloaded deck, change 1 Thunder Surge to Megalixir and use partially charged Shotlock to beat boss or look for other guides]

Fly to the Land of the Departure
- Time's Teller [Use pre-loaded deck. You still need some practice cause this boss is tough and random]
Terraqua clean-up save - I believe you need to resign all saves to make it work (at least for the collector trophy)

- Collector [Load Terra Save, fly to the Mysterious Tower and pick last sticker there.]
- Musclehead [Load Terra Save, press start and put Break Time command in your deck. Use it.]
- The Warrior: Terra [Load Terra Save, Go to Twister Trench location. Enter any tornado and kill enemies with Magnegas and Thundaras.]
- Majorette - [Load Aqua save, press start and put Break Time command in your deck. Use it.]
- The Warrior: Aqua - [Load Aqua Save, go out and kill any enemy.]
Another misc clean-up save

- Savage Slayer - Fly to the Dwarf Woodlands, find mission in Mines, get full deck of Curagas, start mission and just stand more than 2 minutes and 10 seconds using Curagas to recover hp. After that die and new record and trophy should pop.
- Fantasista - Go to Fruitball Court, talk with Horace, play vs Chip and Dale (easiest enemy), use Triangle + Cross to make goals.
- Maestro - talk with Dewey, choose any song on Master and complete it with Fantastic result.
Clean-Up Save by Zabullionaire

- Justice & Dark [Activate D-link with Pete (Fly to any world except Mirage Arena, press right arrow, choose Pete and press triangle)]
- The Adventurer: Terra [Open the reports section, go to the sticker album, remove and paste any sticker.]
- The Adventurer: Ventus [Open the reports section, go to the sticker album, remove and paste any sticker.]
- The Adventurer: Aqua [Open the reports section, go to the sticker album, remove and paste any sticker.]
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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How can i extract the files and put into usb to tranfer at my ps4?When i putted the file data into my usb it didnt show at all when i was tranfering at my ps4.


THANKS A LOT FOR THIS I'VE WAITED A LONG TIME FOR THIS. Really Appreciate the Work 10/10 love you.