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[EU] Lords Of The Fallen Platinum Save-set(Not require DLC)

Download Name: [EU] Lords Of The Fallen Platinum Save-set(Not require DLC) [CUSA00369]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: Sean

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File Size: 43.67 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

Just follow the save one by one, I have order the save set, so dont worry even you're 0%

Myself again.It bound to take your life.Bookworm(seriously? you need save for these trophies?🙀)

Do unto others...So that's a Lord(IF NG+,use the Persistence sword to defeat first boss. If not NG+, just kill the boss for first boss trophy)

Take my hand(go down and cut off his arm)

Strong with this one.Now we're talking(unlock your magic by upgrade them to 3/3 after that go to left hand side open the gate and then keep running(Don't walk in any door) until you get the ganuntlet.

Hard shell,soft core.Strong with this one.Give him power.Couldn't have done it myself(For 'ThisisKeystone' you need to walk to the tower behind you and go to (-1F?) Here have a long axe enemy kick him to the edge of this room,For 'Couldn'thavedoneitmyself', there are three small statue just put quest item on one of them before fight the boss. Then dont instant kill the boss, take it slow, boss will go to break the statue.)

Only after Disater.The real Lords starts here.He speaks in riddles(Kill the boss then talk with Kaslo and get in to the portal and then keep walking until you meet the blacksmith.

Seal the gate

No time for losers.Against all odds.All in.Human skull(Human skull is around the Exit with a ally)

He who protect us(go down stair,get in the first door you see(characteristic: Red light), kill all enemy you see, you will meet Antanas eventually)

Anger is a gift

Extra Strong (The tower behind you (-2F?) have a old man do research. Talk to him)

I feel lucky(There is a hole for coffin in the grave(right hand side) that you can interact)

Fool of a tuck(Hard to say....There is a room having a big hole with a fat enemy.The edge of that hole having a solider die body, push that body down to the hole)

Thousand of candls.No one can hear you scream(after you beat the boss, you can find the crystal portal somewhere around you.Just walk in circle and hear is there any crystal sound)

I saw everything.Go breaking my heart(Read the info)

She was the last woman here.By the Book(check the rune on the wall,get down to leave in chamber of lie and then go to the edge and jump down to the stairs to save the huge monster)

Not a question of can or can't(Go up to kill the boos)

Treasure left alone.Shout at the gods(go to the crystal portal on your left hand side after this going up and up and go through the straight and though a portal and wait the god finish his talk

Killing monsters.Two against one(stand in middle and kill all enemy. Go out and kill the Boss)

Harkyn collection(stand in middle and kill all enemy)

Are you not entertained?(just leave here to unlock it)

My private stash.Good with weapons.(Need to get the bloodlust to unlock this trophy, I'm in the closest save point. I suggest you to watch youtube to find where is it)

Way of the rogue. God is dead.Faith is weakness.Whole world in his hands(kill the final boss 3 times with place the rune in different spot to unlock trophies)

Way of warrior(go up and kill the final boss)
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