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[EU] Cities Skylines Main Game + DLC Save-set [CUSA06407]

Download Name: [EU] Cities Skylines Main Game + DLC Save-set [CUSA06407]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Major Meat Bone

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA06407

File Size: 9.40 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Downloads: 12

Views: 217

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Item description:

This is a save for a lot of DLC Trophies in Cities Skylines.
It is a big city and I have a lot of buildings unlocked +20 million dollars.
You can get a lot of main game trophies too on this save ( I have all of the Monuments unlocked etc.)

Snowfall - You can get all of the Snowfall Trophies :

-Build a sauna
-Experience Snowfall - Turn on dynamic weather when you load the save
-change the chirper to winter look- easy
-10 tram lines active - easy
-100km street maintenance - should pop instant or after some time
-2,000,000 units of snow collected - Build a lot of snow dumps and wait (maybe instant too)
-Foggy weather - you should have this one

Natural Disasters - Of course you can get a lot of them with this save too, just place the natural disasters manually

Mass Transit - You can get 92% of this DLC with the only one missing is Win all 3 Mass Transit Scenarios :

-10 Blimp Lines - just place them easy
-20,000 passengers on cable cars - just place 2 of them and connect them you will only need to transport 1 more person ( do the 5,000 on your save if you want to make it look legit )
-15 ferry lines - just place them
-10 monorail lines - just place them
-name a road steve - do this on your save too because im not sure if u will unlocked the centurion trophy too...
-100 roads - just change the name of 1 street
-combo breaker - just place all of the buildings you need for the trophy u will have enough money
-check a route of a citizen - just click on them

Green Cities - You can get all of the trophies :

-self specialized - self explaining don't save the game after that Happy
-I to the T - same as above
-Organistic - same...
-Green Energy - should pop instant
-Friendy Teaching - just place the building you need
-Greenest city - destroy the industry

Parklife - You can get all of the Trophies :

-Maximum Park - should pop instant
-10 parks - just place new zones you don't need building for that
-Z00 - maybe instant, if not destroy 1 zoo building and build it again
-Coaster Tycoon - same
-Naturally - same
-Ambulare - just place 5 walking tour lines
-Maintain that park - maybe instant, if not destory the maintenance park service and build it again
-Sights to be seen - just place 15 sightseeing bus lines

Industries - you can get 70 % on this DLC :

-Level up and Industry area to lvl 5 - should pop instant
-build 10 industry areas - same as the zoo parks just place them you don't need buildings
-build 5 offshore oil drilling platforms - they're unlocked just place 5 of them
-deliver 1,000,000 units of mail - just place a post office it should pop after 1 mail is delivered
-build 10 warehouse buildings - just place 10 of them

I only have the Season Pass 1 & 2 so I can't provide a save for the Campus and Sunset Harbour DLC because them greedy bastards released a 3RD!!! season pass (btw every one of them costs 40€)

so yeah have fun and tell me which trophies pop:
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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