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[EU] Kingdom Hearts 2 Complete save-set disc [CUSA05786]

Download Name: [EU] Kingdom Hearts 2 Complete save-set disc [CUSA05786]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: ady

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA05786

File Size: 75.46 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

Comments: 2

Downloads: 34

Views: 580

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Item description:

Game is disc version, eu.
Hello again, completed kingdom hearts 2 this weekend, but this time hopefully a more advanced set of saves to net you 9/10 if not all main trophies, including all but 2 story ones (i believe), instructions are all below on what to do and which save for which so you can make it look fairly legitimate.

I modded the health and mp beyond maximum, modded the level to 98 and the exp to something silly, so if you remove the no exp and get a kill you will get max level too, attack, defense magic all above 310, all saves are on critical, but it wont be noticable
Lots of cut scenes and small fights in between each part, so ill just keep it simple, if you get stuck on any save press start and check journal, to the right side are instructions,
Cant get saves for roxas episode or timeless river episode from these slots, they'll have to be done again (I presume, you could try go timeless river and see if anything happens), you want to be playing the game once legit for story anyways, but for people who don't, keyhole saves and more below.
Small warning, on some of these saves, when you click on items it kicks you off the game, I didn't realise this until I had beaten the game anyways, shouldn't need to open items for what saves are below, the reason this happens i think is because you need to activate all 4 item and access slots on save wizard, but as i said you wont need items other then possibly quick use or the equipped ones. Saves are as followed, the upload contains a note of the same instructions too.

Slot 16, not sealed any keyholes, id do the land of dragons
Slot 2, Beasts castle, short this one, on this boss id recommend 2 goes, first one take all healing abilities off your team, then die on the boss on purpose, choose I wont give up to have mickey heal you getting a trophy, then finish the boss off afterwards.
Slot 1 main save can get all gummi related trophies here, just do one gummi mission, possibly unlock stuff by just opening journal and looking but unsure.

Slot 3, go to port royal beat boss and that's it
Slot 4, agrahba, go to the palace then beat jafar (spam his head and stomach, when hes out of health hit roll up)
Slot 5, Halloween town, talk to santa and beat the boss
Slot 6, pride lands, go left and beat the boss
Slot 7, Olympus colosseum, talk to little fat red guy, help Hercules, beat hades
Slot 8, atlantica, talk to Sebastian and finish the last musical
Slot 9, 100 acre wood, just complete the one mini game in starry hill
Slot 10, space paranoids, cross bridge and beat boss
Slot 11, twilight town, just continue on for 10min, join axel fighting nobodies unlocks after
Slot 12, world that never was (reunite with riku if played from start of chapter)
Slot 13, final section of boss fights, after this go into journal to get all ansem reports and all nobodies make sure to watch all credits for all related trophies, no cut scene skipping.
Slot 14 saved shortly after credits, so colosseum, optional bosses, mini games, all the misc could be done on this.
Slot 17 beat all organization 13 – just beat zexion, go left down the ramp, through the hollow door in wall, and play the only one a different colour – this will also get you all treasures as beating the last enemy gives the final chest
Slot 18 get all character files, go to twilight town and beat haynor by getting all 200 orbs, then beat setzor, youll get multiple trophies.
Slot 19 all puzzle pieces, go into daylight puzzle and just press x...
Extra separate save slot 4–other misc trophies possible with this save, start by going to great maw, approach light and get the trophy for all 13 mushroom, open the journal after for seeker trophy
CUSA5786 - use this for the mushrooms if my save was missing it
Slot 1 – all heartless trophy, all hades cup trophies, missons, mini games/all journal 100% platinum save
Complete all the colosseum events(just final battle may count), and the final heartless is in one of these, get trophies for all the arena events too, also all synthesis is completed, you can do this on any of my saves I believe but it may just pop on this one, if not craft another recipe.

To get an antiform, equip two become one blade, then activate an form, keep doing this until you get one, use any skate place for 5k skate points if it doesn't pop perform any skill then itll pop.

Thanks, if anyone can let me know if it all works as it should it would be great, any issues with the upload i will re-do as and when i have a few spare moments.
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Please I need it very much. Just this trophy left for platinum...


"CUSA5786 - use this for the mushrooms if my save was missing it"

It doesn't seem to work. Save wizard doesn't recognize it as a save file as I can't go to advanced mode to re-region it. please. can you help me out? or Re-region it yourself to USA one? Thank you!