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[EU] Kingdom hearts chain of memories Game Save [CUSA5786]

Download Name: [EU] Kingdom hearts chain of memories Game Save [CUSA5786]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: ady

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA5786

File Size: 28.14 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Downloads: 20

Views: 440

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Item description:

Just platinumed chain of memories this weekend as i mentioned last week, took around 30hr, the save i upload sora and riku are both completed saves, story and bosses mini games all done, im unsure if it will work if you beat it again it may pop the proud, undefeated and other difficulty trophies,

Save 1 -

Natural Player Sora
Proud Player Sora
Record Keeper Sora
Card Master Sora
Character Professor Sora

Requisites -
Collect Neoshadow card (Took me about 40min farming...)
Complete floor 13 again.
Kill one enemy

Save 2 -

Road to Dawn
Novice Player Riku
Natural Player Riku
Proud Player Riku

Requisites -
Complete Floor BF1 again.
unable to get trophies for B12 and B8, you'll have to do these manually again..

Save 3 -

Character Professor Riku
Record Keeper Riku
Duel Master

Requisites -
Perform 2 more successful Duels and win battle.

Save 4/5 - Of no use as covered by other saves.

Save 6 -

Level Master Riku
Hard Hitter

Requisites -
Kill one more enemy and assign all skill points.

Save 7 -

Moogle Mogul
Regular Customer

Requisites -
Sell a card in the Moogle room.
Sell cards so you have 20,000 points then buy 20,000 worth of items.

chain of memories

Save 1 - Kill one more enemy - Level 99 Sora
Save 2 - Treasure hunter. go to treasure room 2 rooms away and open chest
Save 3 - Sleight Master - Create new treasure room in current zone and loot last Sleight.
Save 10 - Regular Customer - Create a moogle room and purchase all his cards (much quicker than previous save)

Tested by monkey 177, big thanks to you for that.

save 1 like 4 preemptive attack (Interceptor)
save 2 modify deck 30 times (Expert Deck Builder)
save 4 beat vexen (Confronting the Darkness)
save 5 beat riku (Challenge from the Inner Darkness)
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