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[US] Resident Evil 0 HD many hard trophies Save [CUSA02337]

Download Name: [US] Resident Evil 0 HD many hard trophies Save [CUSA02337]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Javierex22

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA02337

File Size: 3.55 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Downloads: 29

Views: 620

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Item description:

Slot 1. Billy /02/ Storage

Just go up the lift and defeat the final boss just spam the rocket launcher make it will be easy. In this save you get

- S is for S.T.A.R.S.
Finish the game with rank S.

- From Zero to Hero
Finish the game on Hard difficulty.

- Who's Got the Herb?
Finish the game without combining herbs.

- Allergic to First Aid Spray
Finish the game without using a First-Aid Spray.

- That's Officer Chambers to You
Defeat all bosses except Centurion using Rebecca.

Slot 2. Wesker /22/ Machine Room

Open you inventory with rebecca, select the mixing set and use the green chemical, the trophy you get is

- Green is the Color
Use a Green Chemical.

Slot 3. Wesker /26/ Lodgings

Go through the door labeled purification room or someting like that, then down the stairs and the door... continue through the bridge and again another door... in here as soon you gain control, with Wesker AIM and hold the SQUARE button to charge the Death Stare the aura should be red not yellow then release the button... you have to aim the zombies.. the trophy sould pop when you defeat 2 zombies, the trophy you get is

- 20/20 Vision
Kill 50 enemies with the Death Stare at full charge.

Slot 4. Rebecca /27/ Storage

Again the final part, just go to the lift to get to the final boss DO NOT USE ANY HEALING ITEM... spam the rocket launcher to finish the first part to get the final file and the trophy... finish the fight spamming the rocket launcher with billy and at the credits you get THE TROPHY

- This is Serious Business
Finish the game without using a recovery item (including Green Chemicals).

- Fileophile
Read all files.

Slot 5. Wesker /01/ Hall

Open the inventory with wesker and combine the parts with the gun and you get

- I Could Shoot, You Know
Obtain all weapons.

Slot 11. Billy /00/ Clear

Select this save file and choose Once Again, as soon you gain control open your inventory select personal, switch, use and put on Team Wesker Costume

- Welcome to Team Wesker
Put on Team Wesker costume.

In this same save file instead of selecting Once Again, select Extra Game.. is Leech Hunter..start the game... press Triangle to select Billy then R2 to go alone... go right and proceed thorugh the BIG door, grab the knife and leave.. go next to rebecca and take his aid spray.. equip your knife and proceed to the left door.. defeat the only enemy in here with the knife using the spray when needed.. it takes 16 hits should be easy.

I Have the Touch
Defeat Mimicry Marcus for the first time only using a knife.
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