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[EU] Dishonored 2 Complete Platinum Saveset [CUSA03603]

Download Name: [EU] Dishonored 2 Complete Platinum Saveset [CUSA03603]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: carmania

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA03603

File Size: 95.35 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

Comments: 2

Downloads: 25

Views: 489

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Item description:

Hello everyone, It's been a long time since I post a save here.
Today I'll upload a save that I really looking forward to have but no one upload it here so I took the liberty to upload mine.
I hope it helps people who don't want to waste their time on clean ups and get it done with the game fast.
This save include these trophies:
Acrobat- load the save just jump and kill the soldier below
Art Collector-load the save and take the last painting in front of you
Clean Hand, In Good Conscience, Shadow, The Greatest Gift, The Royal Protector-load the save and just put he body on the throne and revive your family member
Clockwork Collector-load the save and pick up the last two plates you need.
Dilapidation-load the save and go back a few steps then go between present and past
Down With the Duke-load the save and finish off the duck after pickpocket and talk to him.
Eureka-load the save and put the last name as Marcolla
Faithfull to the Abbey-load the save and put the buddy on the ground then talk to vice overseer
Familiarity Breeds Contempt-load the save and rob Galvani again by putting the 451 code on the safe and taking everything
Fearless Fall-load the save and try to jump on the guard and kill him
Flooded Basement-load the save and pick the rune in front of you
Freedom of Speech-load the save and quickly kill the guard who try to kill printer
Gazebo-load the save and interact with stone in front of you
Oracular Echoes-load the save and pull the lever in front of you.
Place of Three Deaths-load the save and kill polo one more time in his office, he marked in the building.
Rouge-load the save and kill a guard in stealth mode.
Silence-load the save and kill Jindosh in stealth mode
Songs of Serkonos-load the save and listen to the song to the end, just use your binocular (it appears you need to listen to it from the start so wait until it finished then start again)
Spirit Thief-load the save and took the spirit in front of you
The Empress , Empire in Chaos , Occult Carver-load the save and take the throne or revive your family member. NOTE: you have plenty of bonecharms in your inventory, disassemble and reassemble them will grant you Occult Carver trophy.
Under the Table-load the save and go back in time the keys are in front of you
Well Founded- load the save and it place you on the ship continue with the mission and took some money or priceless thing the trophy in not far to achieve
Years Ago, Another Time , Royal Spymaster-load the save and pickpocket Morgan then talk to her, after that go back to her cabin and pick up the remaining notes and book and listen to the audio too
Stay of Execution-load the save and kill two guards fast before they kill the civilian
Morbid Theft-load the save and put down the body into the grave
Counter-Serum-load the save and talk to the woman in front of you
Labrintine Mind- load the save and interact with the man on the bed
Howlers 'till the End- load the save and go forward a little
A Night in 1894-load the save and press R2
Down with the Duke (Second Chance)-load the save, first pickpocket him then talk and after that chase and kill the duke (if you don't get it in the first pack)
Souveniers-load the save and pick up the doll in front of you
Flesh and Steels-load the save and revive your family member
Fatal Redirect, Sliding Marksman-load the save and it place you in front of two soldiers, do the sliding and shoot the head of the first soldier and parry the bullet from the second one
Circle of Life-load the save and it place you were you need to be to be, do what you have to do

The Save set is now complete and it is the full save set
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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inside the zip file I found pack 2 and pack 3 is there a pack 1 missing?


Save wizard does not recognize the file. You can fix it? Thanks