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[EU] Nioh, patch 1.19, Way of the Nioh completed, level 750 and more

Download Name: [EU] Nioh, patch 1.19, Way of the Nioh completed, level 750 and more Save [CUSA07123]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Roran

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA07123

File Size: 7.80 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Downloads: 17

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Item description:

Okay guys, I finally found time to upload the update of my save that I’ve been mentioning a few times, sorry to those who might have been waiting. That said, it’s probably not as big as the last couple updates, so please don’t get your hopes up for anything groundbreaking. It’s a decent improvement over the last upload, and if you’ve liked my last uploads and aren’t tired of the game yet, or only just discovered this thread, then you’ll probably like this one too. But without further ado, let’s jump into what’s new.

- I’ve progressed to floor 325 in the Abyss; that’s more than twice as far as I’ve been on my last upload. To those of you who like the Abyss mode, this means you’ll have a lot more floors to replay and a much higher baseline floor if you want to dig even deeper into the Abyss.

- I’ve upgraded almost all gear of my builds/equipment sets into the +60 - +70 range (from the +40 - +50 upgrade level range where they were before), which was possible because the Abyss now drops weapons in the +60 - +70 upgrade level range where I’m currently at. This directly translates into more damage output (on weapons) and higher defenses (on armors). Now I haven’t done any exact measurements, but if I had to guess, I’d say this translates into around 10% - 20% more damage than the builds did before on the last upload (and a similar improvement in defenses). Altogether with some other minor improvements that I’ve made across the board, some builds probably even do around 20% - 30% more damage than before.

- I’ve added (only) one completely new build this time: the (hopefully) ultimate Living Weapon build, highly inspired by the Perfect Susanoo setup you can find on the internet (but not identical to it, mostly because of the changes Team Ninja made to LW) . After digging around on the internet, I’ve come up with what is probably the most efficient LW setup (except for minor details) now that critical effects don’t work anymore in LW. It’s a 4 piece Susano, 3 piece Kigetsu, 2 piece Tatenashi setup.

How to get the most out of it: when you go Living Weapon with it, you’ll *always* want its kusarigama equipped, not its dual swords (the dual swords are more a fallback option for when you’re not in LW). Activate all the buffs you find useful, and because this setup increases your damage output with the amount of debuffs you have, also use debuffs (I’d advise pretty much always using Hermit Talisman which also prevents you from getting staggered; optionally also Carnage Talisman and/or Leeching Talisman). Be aware that Leeching drains your LW meter quite fast, so I only use Leeching on this build for boss fights and Power Pill or Carnage outside of boss fights.

And… yeah, that’s pretty much how to use the build. Use spirit stones or kill some easy enemies to fill up LW, use all the buffs/debuffs and activate LW, then just press triangle on every enemy you see. During LW this build outdamages the LW-variant of my Dragon Ninja build (which is probably still my favorite build outside of LW), so if you want to just LW-spam your way to victory on any difficulty, this is the build to choose.

You can find the build in equipment slot 7 (and I’ve preselected it for when you load up the save). I’ve also added it down in the build list below. All old builds listed down below are still there (with the aforementioned upgrade level improvements).

- I’ve done Twilight missions on a regular basis and have collected almost 100 cracked ochoko cups now, which translates into just as many Abyss visits that you can do before having to worry about getting more cups (one Abyss visit costs one cracked cup and you can only get twice guaranteed ones per day, through the Twilight missions). I’ve also stocked up on spirit stones for LW-fuel, on umracite if you want to make your completely own builds, acquired more smithing texts and some other things. Also completed some more missions and all.

So, yeah, that’s it. To sum it up, I’m now at Abyss floor 325, and thanks to that I’ve upgraded my equipment to +60 - +70 which means more damage. I’ve one new purely LW-focused build, and I’ve farmed more cracked ochoko cups, spirit stones and all kinds of other stuff.

Again this might be the last upload for a long while, as the only major thing to „improve“ really is to go deeper into the Abyss which takes lots of time and dedication and becomes more and more tedious since it’s nothing but repetition. But if you haven’t played much of the Abyss or of the higher difficulties yet, or just want some powerful diverse builds at your fingertips without the usual gear grind, then this save on the other hand is perfect for jumping into it.

There are also some build possibilities which I haven’t really explored yet but TBH I’m not really interested in that at the moment, and if you have a build in mind that you want do create, this save will make it easier than ever because you already have so many smithing texts, inheritables, umbracite, a high Abyss floor number to upgrade weapons and make them ethereal, and so on. Basically you have all the freedom imaginable for creating builds that the game usually locks behind tedious farming that nobody wants to do.
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