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[EU] Sigi A Fart For Melusina Complete Save-Set [CUSA12907]

Download Name: [EU] Sigi A Fart For Melusina Complete Save-Set [CUSA12907]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: kaltorak

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA12907

File Size: 6.94 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Downloads: 2

Views: 75

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Item description:

List of trophies

Gold Rush
Score 100%
Save Melusina
Grand finale
Coin Hoarder
Collector at heart
Cave Man
100 Zombies

We must continue the game and go to the final boss. We have 5 minutes and 44 lives to win the fight. Once the fight is won, the trophies are unlocked.

Golden Grail

Near the end of level 6 you will see a large tree with odd shaped trunk on the bottom right. Hit it with your weapon a few times and the grail will appear.

Golden Crown

About halfway through Level 19 at the top of a hill you will find a big stone structure with a silver crown. Shoot the crown until it turns gold and then collect it.

Golden Talisman

On level 18 you will come to an old house. Keep shooting the chimney until it breaks and reveals the talisman. Pick it up and the trophy is yours.

Golden Lady

On level 19, near the end of the level you can break open the secret cave. Go through the cave, but once you reach the platform that is moving up and down with the tire bounce on it to land on the small ledge on the upper right with the waterfall. Go behind the waterfall and in the next room you will find the Golden Lady Statue.

Too blind to see

Win the fight with the boss found at the end of Level 5.

Whistle blower

Win the fight with the boss found at the end of Level 10.

Cheap as chips

Win the fight with the boss found at the end of Level 15.

Eat an apple

You can get this at the beginning of Level 16. It's in a tree. Can't miss it.

Under pressure

we started a new game, the first time we see the melusina the trophy is yours. Can't miss it.
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