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[EU] South Park Fractured But Whole Semi Saveset [CUSA05485]

Download Name: [EU] South Park Fractured But Whole Semi Saveset [CUSA05485]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Westers

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA05485

File Size: 48.23 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Downloads: 4

Views: 165

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Item description:

Save 1:
Boy Love Aficionado - Find all Yaoi art pieces
The last yaoi photo is on the floor by the entrance

Save 2:
Friend Finder - Acquire and unlock all Summons
Complete the gay fish mini game and fast travel to Freedom pals HQ. Walk around the enterance and then Classi will call. Once the conversation is finished you will get the 4th summon and the trophy will unlock

Save 3:
Crappin' Forte - Use every available toilet in South Park and achieve the highest mastery level for each
Master the toilet mini game on the toilet that is next to you and you will unlock the trophy

Save 4:
Fully Bloated - Unlock all combat TimeFarts
Invasive Tumor Removal - Defeat Mutant Cousin Kyle
Start the boss fight. After about 5mins of fighting you will get the last fart and the trophy. Defeat the boss for the trophy for defeating Mutant Cousin Kyle.

Save 5:
The Token Experience - Create a Black character and complete the game on Mastermind Difficulty
I cant rememebr if this save is before or after the last boss. Finish the game and wait untill you get to the credits. Once the credits have rolled or you skipped them you will be back in South Park. The trophy does take some time to pop but be patient.

Save 6:
Corporate Wolf - Reach the highest economic value on your Character Sheet
Approach the banker to play the mini game. Yo will be on the last level. Just complete this round and you will get the trophy. If you do loose, just reload the save and try again

You maybe able to get many misc trophies with this save too so if you do unlock anything else do let people in the thread know.
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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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