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[US] Resident Evil 7 Semi Save Set For Collectibles and Endings Save

Download Name: [US] Resident Evil 7 Semi Save Set For Collectibles and Endings Save [CUSA03962]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Belial_3

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA03962

File Size: 85.91 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

Comments: 1

Downloads: 62

Views: 667

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Item description:

Save 1- 8/1 6:27pm Advance to the greenhouse to fight Margaret for Fly Swatter trophy
Save 2- 8/1 8:13pm Make neuro round for 1st place in science place trophy
Save 3- 8/3 1:17am Advance the story by going upstairs and interacting with Mia and Zoe. This will eventually lead you to make a decision for choosing ending 1 or 2.
Save 4- 8/3 3:00am Get last antique coin for easy/normal on S2 floor of Wrecked ship for the Pelicans in Your Pocket trophy. Corrosive lock is already unlocked.
Save 5- 8/3 3:22am Pickup R&Awesome face Report [1 of 2] to the right of the E-Necrotoxin machine for the The Devil Is in the Details trophy.
Save 6- 8/3 3:36am Advance to storehouse and finish the game from save 6 and you should get:

Playing it Safe
The Nightmare's Finally Over
Just Get Me Outta Here
Resource Manager
Walk it Off
End of the Night

Save 7- 8/3 6:33am Turn around and exit the shack by the water and retrieve the last antique Coin near the log for the Mad Pelican trophy
Save 8- 8/3 6:54am go through the wooden boards and destroy the last Mr. Everywhere for the Mr. Nowhere trophy. Additionally completing the game from this save should earn you the following trophies:

Who's Your Daddy Now?
Just A Memory Now

Also, jumping into save #3 should help you to gain the trophies that involve you watching the video tapes as they are in the resources box.
Hope this helps.
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Thank u so much. This is a very well put together save. All the trophies popped up the ones stated in the description.