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[EU] Shenmue II Save-Set [CUSA08356]

Download Name: [EU] Shenmue II Save-Set [CUSA08356]   NEW

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: RPGAddict

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA08356

File Size: 192.59 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

Hi there, here's a WIP of the second shenmue game

money for nothing, cartoprapher and unexpected visit can pop early in 5 min since game start


save 1 challenger/strongarm try to fight again. go straight and to the left, right by the end where crates are there should be another armsfighters, i already got the trophy i dunno if it pop.

save 2 big spender go straight. Go then on with the story to get sleppery like an eel if u succeed with the QTE and baggage claim

save 3 go to the temple, use intrude the enter the house, accept to clean and go directly to the end of the shrine to the left, clean there. never assume pop it supposed to give u the apprendice trophy too

save 4 Get down street and talk to the old woman, ask about the man (UP) untill she talks about a book, go into the library behind the shrine, zoom in the north est corner. catch the leaves for the Autumn In Wan Chai, go to the martial school in green market to learn Wild Throw for Back To Schooland open the menu and use the move scroll for Adept

save 5 good samaritan go ahead and help the man

save 6 another fine mess follow the man in front of you, then qte

save 7 sweet sorrow talk to the old woman in front of you and expert real all the moves scroll then go to mao mo temple back to the library, learn the moves then nomad

under the nose can be done from save 7 but its very long gameplay is story trophy i didnt save before trophy popped earlier than expected

save 8 master read the moves scrolls and put keys into buddha (seach for a video guide) 5 star general pop


save 9 go ahead wait then down the stair New Kid On The Block

save 10 to be this good take ages play

save 1 david and goliah exit the balcony and defeat the final boss

save 2 see the flowers with shenhua follow the path then shenhua will lead the eay, choose yes

save 3 tree hugger just follow shenhua

save 4 go into the chicken and wait, follow shenhua and finish the game Not Done Yet
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