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[EU] Resident Evil HD Remaster PLATINUM SAVESET [CUSA00167]

Download Name: [EU] Resident Evil HD Remaster PLATINUM SAVESET [CUSA00167]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: traffydlaw

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA00167

File Size: 10.37 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

All start with this save


load save 4 with chris
I know the game is in german, but you don't need to know a single word to get it done

Well get up the ladder, take the first door to your right, run till the battery on the floor put it in the elevator. Once on the roof open the shinny briefcase and voila !!

you'll get

- Every Man for Himself : Finish the game without saving anyone using Chris.
- Like Taking Candy from a Baby : Finish the game on Very Easy difficulty or higher.
- We’re in This Together :Finish the game with Jill and Chris.
- You da Man, Chris :Finish the game using Chris.
- Racing and Pacing : Finish the game in five hours.
- Don’t Stop Running :Finish the game in three hours.


- CQC FTW : Finish the game using only your knife (no lighter, Defensive Items, and stomping zombie heads).

Now With this file

With save number 4 you'll get

- Where the Magic Happens : Break into the laboratory using Jill. (on loading, if not simply equipe the lab key and go to the lab )

======================== IT MIGHT NOT POP FOR SOME OF YOU if that's the cas use this method ========================
You are already in the lab that's why it should pop on loading if not
either take the 2 lab keys (the master and the classic) get up the stairs and try to open the dorr or get out of the room take your right go down the stairs and lurk into the basement

Alternatively you can use the Jill story save and use the save Jill 3
take both wolf and eagle medaillon , both stone and metal medaillon then go to the stairs under the main hall
use the stone and metal medaillon on the gate to open it, continue to the boss lisa, push the stone into the depth to kill her then use the wolf and eagle medaillon to access the lab


check your chest and take every weapon once in your inventory

-Superarsenal : Have all weapon

now a little of gameplay Winky Winky go straight to the left twice, pass the big door with the 3 green light and get down to the cell to free Chris

- Sorry About the Wait : Save Chris from confinement using Jill.

now get back up to the ladder in the saveroom in UG 2, go fight tyran (easy with infinite rocket laucher ;p)

- I’m a Member of S.T.A.R.S. : Finish the game saving Chris and Barry using Jill.
- Like Taking Candy from a Baby :Finish the game on Very Easy difficulty or higher.
- Not in the Mood to Die :Finish the game on Easy difficulty or higher.
- Take that, Zombies! : Finish the game on Normal difficulty or higher.
- Oh, the Horror :Finish the game on Hard difficulty or higher.
- Alpha Team’s Finest : Finish the game using Jill.

Now for this batch i'm asking for your mercy i had to go to the airport to play on the ps4 there. Thank god my friend have the digital version of it Smile
My account is still ban and my ps4 is too now. i had to bypass this as i could :/

all this to say that i don't remember exactly what save unlock what but i saved right before every story trophies
(i'll update when i'll get back to the airport)

story chris save everyone CUSA167

there in order from bottom to top

- save 3 : you'll be in the save room with the serum go back to richard to save him and fight the snake just survive and you'll get trophy MAKE SURE YOU GET BITE ONCE to play with Rebecca and save chris the same way trophy pop

- save

- save

- save

- Save 11 you'll be in a save room with a chest , grab the emblem medaillon, then examin it you'll see a button push it and it turn into a key
no get out of the saveroom and go to the door next to it with the emblem on it once you'll get into it a short sequence will show you chris in the room and a girl scream will be heard , get out asap and go to the 1st floor (take the stairs just above you . At the top you'll go rigth now there's a door in front of you that you can't open (you have to go to this room) and an other at the end of the corridor take it and right again to enter the study . In there the girl will be attack by a hunter kill it .

- save 12 from the chest take the stone and metal medals go to the main hall entrance under it there's a gate that you can open with these medals. after that continue to the boss

- save 13 just need to go in the catacomb i already put the battery in the elevator. if you don't know how to go there , this is the room at the northeast of the mansion go there you'll be in a cabin go out by the front door where there's 2 dogs don't go up the stairs to the pool instead go left to the elevator, now go under the waterfall and to the end of the catacomb there will be the spider boss


- last save : I already did mo disk and tyran first just go save jill in the underground (trophy if you don't have it) go up the ladder fight final tyran and you'll get Last samaritan for saving both jill and becky with chris

now this is the save for jill story events + some random trophies

Jill story CUSA167

Load save Jill 3 :
take the mansion keys from the chest, the canteen and the lighter go up the stairs and lure the remaioning zombie to the body lying next to the save room
kill him when he is above it . then lit the bodies you'll get the trophies for burning 1 and 2 bodies at the same time. It may be difficult just reload and try again

Then go up the stairs, to the left and unlock the door . go to the red zombie body lying on the floor end lit it . he will awake kill him and you'll get kill a crimson head

now go pass the door , the next trapped corridor and open the door at the end . Kill the snake and get the trophy

get back to the save room take the 4 death mask from the chest , return to the main hall up the first set of stair,s go to the backyard and down the stairs into the crypt
place the 4 mask and kill the crimson prototype for the trophy

go back to the main hall take the doorto the right continue along the corridor, then at the end of the next you'll get the broken shotgun room, take it from the wall , get out and OH MY the ceiling is coming down , try to open both door and bary will save you --> trophy

now continue to your left to reach the save room , take the stone and metal piece from it, also take the stone piece and combine it with the metal medaillon to get 2 pieces of stone & metal . go back to the main hall and under the stairs use them to open the door, go in it to the boss lisa . GIVE BARRY HIS GUN and you'll get the last trophy for jill events

- Load save Jill 6 or 5 i don't remember sorry you'll be in the room next to the boss , go up th stairs Rocket launch her heart and go down in the fireplace to take the final mansion key and trophy Smile

Huge THANKS to markl1989 for the US save , i reregion it in EU. Just go up the ladder and to the final elevator

Invisible- jillnoonesave-allatires- CUSA167

be sure to use the first save jill / 13/ Lab

with this you'll get
- invisible difficulty
- all costumes
- Jill save noone

AND AGAIN markl1989 every object save reregion
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