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[EU] Cuphead [CUSA20469] Complete Save Set + Roadmap

Download Name: [EU] Cuphead [CUSA20469] Complete Save Set + Roadmap  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Nathaniel

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA20469

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Item description:

What's up my boys n`girls?

I decided to make a Save Set for the remaining Cuphead Trophies. It wasn't possible to get all collectible related trophies with the amazing 200% save here in the board, so I just speedrunned the game and made two saves for you. Now you can get ALL trophies of Cuphead with my two Saves and the 200% Save = )

The best thing is: It's possible to make them look completely legit, as long as you stick to my order. and leave a time frame between each pop. I have written a roadmap with all steps for you. You do need a little bit of skill, since some bosses need to be killed under certain objectives for the rankings, but all time consuming and extremely hard trophies are no deal anymore.

If you need help with the A- Ranks, S- Rank, Killing King Dice without getting hit and killing the Devil, I do offer a discrete and fast trophy service for you if you need help. Simply send me a pn and we can talk ;-)

So let's get to business. Here is my roadmap to your new amazing Cuphead Platinum:

Step 1: Preparation

Start a new game on your own. Start the First run and Gun level, no need to collect coins. Just finish the level, and parry at least 20 attacks. It's super easy simply press the parry button once you land on everything that is pink. This will trigger "1)Parry Persistance".
If you can, try to finish the level without getting hit. It's the first level and super easy. "2)Perfect Run" will pop. (If you struggle, no need to worry you can do it anytime and with some upgrades later). Now go down on the map and kill the Mini Boss "The Root Pack" on easy. You will get "3)Taking Names" for killing the first boss.

Leave 20 Minutes between the next step.

Step 2: First Save

Load in the first save of my Mini Save Set. It's called "Coffer's Full...". Kill "The Root Pack" again on easy. You will unlock "4)A Walk in the Park". Leave 30 Minutes between the next step.

Walk over through the big Red Dice and enter world two. Now finish any Run and Gun level or Boss you are comfortable with on easy. ( I recommend Baroness von Bon Bon, she is so easy.) "5)A Day at the Fair" will pop.

Leave 30 Minutes between the next step.

Walk over through the big Red Dice and enter world three. Now finish any Run and Gun level or Boss you are comfortable with on easy. ( I recommend Sally Stageplay or Werner Werman, both are super easy ). "6)A Trip Downtown" will unlock.

No need to leave Minutes between now. Once you did that, go to the final Mausoleum in world three. Parry all pink Ghosts to rescue the Girl in the Urn and you will get "7) Magician Lord" for unlocking the final Super Art. You probably will get "Cool Man (aka Tustin)Parry Performance" as well for 100 parries. Addtionally it's the best spot to get "9)Bouncing Ball" out of the way. Parry five times without hitting the ground. The Ghost are all closed together so it's super easy.

Once you did the Mausoleum stuff, head back to the first world and start the second Run and Gun Level "Treetop Trouble". I left one final coin for you here. It's the very first one you can't miss it. Parry thre first pink ball to gain air and collect it. Now you just have to finish the level and "10)Coffer's Full" will unlock.


Step 3: Second Save

Load in my Second save "High Roller & Butter and Eggsman". You don't need to leave minutes between, but it's not a bad idea to leave a bit of a time between all these.
Simply head back to your grandfathers House at the very beginning, finish the Tutorial level, grab the last of the 40 coins and "11) High Roller" will unlock. All you now need to do is go the the Shop and buy the final Upgrade to unlock "12)Butter and Egg Man"

Before heading over to the 200% Platinum Save you should leave maybe some more time between the next steps. Addtionally you should try to eary "13)Porcelain Power" and "14)Ceramic Strike" to have them out of the way. Both very easy. Start the Boss fight "Gooby Le Grande" in World 1 on easy and Kill him with a full Super Meter for the one trophy, and another time with a normal loaded attack at the next run. Just takes a few minutes.


Step 4 Ending the Game on normal.

Next step might be the hardest but it's totally doable with practice. Start the Casino Level on "normal". No need to do this on Expert. It's hard to go into detail here about the tactics. But I highly recommend you use the 5 Lives abilty, the green Homing Missiles ( Chaser ) and the Charge shot (It deals the best damage ).If you want a good tactic, use this video, it totally worked for me:

I always sticked to this order ( 2, 6 and 8 ). I learned these bosses, they are by far the easiest of all and once you managed to kill King Dice you get "15)Casino Night" and "16)King".
If you were able to kill King Dice without getting hit you although get "17)Rolling Sixes". An addtional tip here, it does not matter if the other bosses hit you, only King Dicer is important. And another good thing: Even if he hits you, as long as you end the fight with 3 lives you get the trophy. If you start out with your 5 lives abilty,. gain some extra health points in the fight and get hit it's totally okay. Only 3 lives need to be left at the end.

Once you killed King Dice the road to the Devil and the final Fight is open. Face him on normal. I highly recommend the Loadout 5 Lives, Charge and Spread. It's really not the toughest fight at all. The only bad attack are the flames I always calculated to get hit once in this phase so I had four Lives for the final phase. There are tons of videos with tactics on youtube. Once you killed him you get "1Cool Man (aka Tustin)Swing your Sinner" for defeating him and once the game ends you get "19)Souls Saved" for finishing the game on normal.

Congrats if you made it this far, the rest of the platinum is a walk in the park thanks to the 200% platinum save :-)

Step 5: Final Trophies End Game and Platinum.

Before this step I really recommend to leave many hours between the steps because it would be fucking tough to do these legit. I left one day between but it's up to you.

Go to the first world and kill "The Root Pack" on extreme difficulty. The boss is still super easy. Once he's down you get "20)Beat the Devil at his own Game".

Leave an hour between and play the second Run and Gun Level "Treetop Forest" again. ( You could do the first one as well but in my mind it's easier to play the second one. Important: Use the smoke dash talisman and finish the level without killing anything. Simply rush through the level and use your abilty. Level can be done on under two minutes. If you made it to the end without killing anything "21)"Pacifist" will unlock.

Once Pacifist is done, start "The Root Pack" fight, now on normal difficulty. Try to get an A Rank. A Rank is not that hard, as long as you hit the required parrys, did the super attack, kill him in a proper time, you even can get hit once ( sometimes even twice, i don't know exactly why but it does work). Once you get him down with at least an A Rank you unlock "22)Sheriff"

Leave some time between now.

Now back to the first boss "The Root Pack" again. Now once more on extreme now you need to get one S-Rank. You only need one S Rank in the game so we make it at the easiest of all fights. Use Maka's Guide as reference, it's really not that bad.

Once you get the Rank, "23) Put on a Show" will unlock. S Rank needs you to be perfect, so unfortunaley flawless. If you get hit or miss a parry, start over again.

Leave at least an hour now between, better two.

Head over to world two, and finish one boss of your choice on normal difficulty. I recommend you kill "Djimmy The Great" he is really not that hard, stay on the move and learn his pattern. He is by far the easiest of the bosses in world 2 on normal but if you are familiar with another one, feel free to try your luck. Once you get one A Rank in World 2 "24)Boss" will unlock".

Final step to your platinum!! Head over to world three, and finish one boss of your choice here on A Rank. My recommendation again here is Sally Stageplay, if you use the charge shot she dies so so quick. Another tip here. Don't finish her phase one before you have at least parried the heart kiss three times, you need this for the ranking. It's harder to parry the roses at the end. Do this in step one and you have it out of the way. Once you kill her and get an A Rank "25)Major" and the PLATINUM pops. Congrats ;-)

Okay guys I've put some work into this to share my knowledge with you. I hope it helps you along the way. This is probably now the best available Save Set for Cuphead.
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