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[EU] Fallout Shelter - Trophy Get Off My Lawn, 100 quests and more!

Download Name: [EU] Fallout Shelter - Trophy Get Off My Lawn, 100 quests and more! [CUSA11751]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: fenicce

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA11751

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Item description:

Hey team!! this is my save set for fallout shelter, i work on this, try make other saves for long/grind trophies.

*Get Off My Lawn-- Successfully stop 50 Raider Attacks -- you have 49/50 you only need forward days and wait LAST*Raider Attack.
*Prepared For The Future-Make 25 Babies-- You only need put a woman and man in room and wait the magic xD 24/25 babys.

*Urban Ranger-Complete 30 Quests you have 29/30 only need finish 1 and return your vault.r
*Smooth Talker Make 25 Dialogue Choices on Quests - play 3-4 quests with dialogues, sorry i dont now the real stats.
*More Than Handy--Craft an Outfit, a Weapon, and a Theme - Make one of each in the same sesion is little buggy trophy.
*Paint 'n Elbow Grease---Collect all Fragments of a Theme Recipe-- Buy one with nuka cola
*Decorator---Collect all Fragments of 4 Theme Recipes-- buy all with nuka cola┬┤s
*Big Pharma---Collect 100 Stimpaks and 100 RadAway on Quests - you can earned this trophy complete 10 or more quests.
*Would like to note that also with the recent save there is enough nuka cola to get the Craft 10 Weapons and Craft 10 Armors achievement quickly. You can all purchase enough themes to get the Decorator achievement for
Collect all Fragments of 4 Theme Recipes.

*Scraptastic--Scrap 500 items- only need scrap 2 items for earned trophy.

*Survivalist---Complete 60 Quests -- Only need finsh last one and return yourr vault Smile 59/60

*Home Sweet Home--Build 1 of every room type -- Only build the last room, nuka cola.
*A Little Off the Top --Change the appearance of 10 Dwellers in the Barbershop its incomplete need change 10

*Legend of the Wastes--Complete 100 Quests --You only need release the mision and trophy pop!
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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