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[EU] Song of Memories - Platinum Save [CUSA11047]

Download Name: [EU] Song of Memories - Platinum Save [CUSA11047]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: MojoDex ,

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA11047

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Item description:

Here is a platinum save for the EU version of Song of Memories, I have tested this save and the platinum is doable in around 30-60 minutes. My save can be used to unlock everything but the order is not guaranteed. Some end game saves will unlock very early on with my save. If you want a slightly more legitimate list, start a new game go into settings and make them look like the image below.

Then select "START" once able press L2 which will simply skip all text, this should unlock Frenemy Encounter, Scary Chairman, The Idol Unlocks, Cute Little Sister, Reunion and The Story Begins without any input from you. Let the game run until 10/02 when prompted Select Satsuki, On 10/03 Select Yuno and Shy Classmate Unlocks, then Do 100 push ups. Skip until 10/05 and Meeting the Avatar will unlock. Again skip until 10/06, this time you're in a battle, play the tutorial or don't it won't matter. Select "Fight". On the song selection screen press R1, this will automate the 2 unskippable fights and unlock First Battle. After these battle choose Riku. 10/08 Under the same roof will unlock, play through until the next choice and choose "Kaori, want to join us?" this will unlock Secret Agent. That is all the prep work out of the way, I know it looks like a lot of text, but it will reasonably only take 10 minutes at most. if you've been using my save so far then carry on, if not now's the time to resign it.

After this go to "CHART" press R1 to select any character you like and select the top Pandemic Outbreak option to unlock Pandemic World.

After that still on chart, but in the Joint Story section select 10/14 Joint 26 Pool to unlock Unchanged Daily Life.

After that it is simply a case of selecting all the endings from the chart, in the Joint Story section. These are on 10/31 Joint End which unlocks Uneventful World, Also 10/31 Destruction End which unlocks Tragic Occurence and on 11/29 Makoto End which unlocks We`re Definitely Friends!

Then in the chart section use R1 to cycle through all the characters, scroll to the bottom of each characters tree and select the "True End" and "Normal End" for each character to unlock all the true and normal ending trophies. Finally in the same section select one bad ending from any character to unlock the bad ending trophies.

A number of other trophies will unlock during all of this but, I have written this from memory so if I've forgotten anything please let me know and I'll correct it ASAP.
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