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[AS/US] Megaman X Legacy Collection 1 Platinum Game Save [CUSA10785]

Download Name: [AS/US] Megaman X Legacy Collection 1 Platinum Game Save [CUSA10785]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: siegfried2911

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA10785

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Item description:

Hi, I just want to share my trophy save for Megaman X Legacy Collection 1. I hope this will be of help. Of course, spoilers ahead. =)


a. Load the saved password, select Sigma Palace and play until you fight and defeat Vile. After the cutscene, you will get the trophy . You can also unlock here .

b. Reload the password. Go to Flame Mammoth's Stage. Get the arm capsule there to get . After that, go further to the left under the platforms to get a heart tank. This will unlock . Exit stage.

c. Continuing from STEP B, go to Armored Armadillo's Stage to unlock hadoken and get .
To get the hadoken, first, farm at least 5 lives. Make it 9 to be sure. Proceed through the level. You can take damage as you go through the level. Eventually, you will reach the third trolley (after the second mole crusher robot). From here, I am not sure if at this point you need to be full health, but to be safe, have full health. Respawn the bats to get energy capsules if needed. Once you have full health, charge the chameleon sting and ride the trolley. If ever you get damaged during the ride, most of the time, the digger enemies will drop energy capsules when hit by the trolley. As you approach the robotic birds, fire the charged Chameleon Sting. That should make you invincible. As the trolley jumps the gap, the moment it reaches peak and about to go down, dash jump off the trolley to reach an upper portion of the map. Initially, it only contains an energy capsule. After reaching that location, make a suicide jump on the big gap and kill yourself. You will respawn at the beginning of the second mole crusher. Do this four more times. A capsule should spawn the fifth time you reach that location with the energy capsule. Enter the capsule to learn Hadoken. Exit the stage after getting the capsule.

d.Enter Sigma's Fortress. During the boss rush, kill a boss using a fully charged upgraded buster to get . Defeating the first boss in the boss rush, in this case Boomer Kuwanger, will also give you .

e. At Sigma fortress stage 2, just destroy an enemy Ride Armor to get .

f. At Sigma fortress stage 3, use the Electric Spark on Armored Armadillo to get . Use Boomerang Cutter on Flame Mammoth three times to get .

g. Defeat Sigma to get and . Watch until the credits end to unlock , if you beat the game without using Rookie Hunter Mode.

h. Reload the password that you have saved in STEP E. See to it that you have all subtanks, all heart tanks, all armor parts and no enhancement chip. Have a full subtank. Go through Doppler Stage 1 until you get to the area with falling spike balls. Before the first ball, you will encounter a pit. I am not sure, but I think you need to be in full health. Use a subtank just in case you got damaged along the way. Slide down the left side of the pit and you will enter a secret room. Inside you will get the Hyper Chip. This will unlock .


a. Load Save File Number 4. Go to Magma Dragoon's stage. Bring the Ride Armor to the boss battle. At the start of the boss battle, leave the ride armor. Use Nova Strike or buster on Dragoon until he is almost dead. Get back to the ride armor and finish Dragoon off with it. This will unlock .

b. Load Save File Number 1. Go to Storm Owl's Stage. Fire a charged buster. This will give you . Go to the second area. Get to the area with the two Arm Upgrade Capsules. Enter the first capsule to get . Go to the second capsule and enter it to reaquire the Plasma Cannon. Unless you want the first one. Leave the stage.

c. Still using File Number 1, go to Final Weapon. During the boss rush, defeat a boss using the Nova Strike to get . After the boss rush, defeat Sigma. After the last form explodes, you will unlock

b. Go to X Challenge Easy Mode. Replay Stage 1-1. Reselect weapons and choose Buster Only. Defeat Chill Penguin and Frost Walrus. The trophy will unlock after that. You do not need to finish the entire Stage 1.

c. Go to X Challenge Easy Mode. Replay Stage 9. Defeat Iris and Double. After the credits and upon arriving at the screen showing the total score, you will get .

a. Load any game. Change the wallpaper to Secret 1. The trophy will unlock.

b. Go to Museum. Go to Music Player. Go to X Legacy Collection Section. Play the last track - GIVE IT A SHOT [EXTENDED]. The trophy will unlock.

c. Watch the credits. It can be accessed by beating the X Challenge or choosing to view it at the Options Menu. Use the X buster / Z saber to blast the names as they scroll up. Eventually, a note icon will display on the lower left side of the screen. An extension of the credits will play. Once you reach the "Thank you for playing" screen, you will unlock .

d. Play the intro stage of Megaman X1 on any version - English or Japanese. You will unlock
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