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[US] The Outer Worlds - Misc trophy Game saves [CUSA16285]

Download Name: [US] The Outer Worlds - Misc trophy Game saves [CUSA16285]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: burnttoazdt

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA16285

File Size: 74.36 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

Resign and load up...

Ticket to Anywhere - Got your own ship. One of the first trophies you'll acquire. Load up and interact with console. Trophy will pop after you install power core.
Ticket to Anywhere

Upgrades Available Trophy - improve gear 30 times. You'll be at a workbench, so just tinker your weapons till the trophy pops. you have plenty of money. ( you'll also be able to get the "not the best choice " trophy by going to inventory & wearing all Spacers choice gear & equipping all spacers choice weapons. )
**NOTE : If you remove the game data ( not game save ) I think you can also earn "best dressed" by wearing the Chimera in your inventory. Should already be wearing "nice hat"
Upgrades Available

Companion trophies - Load up and talk to Ellie ( not sure if convo choices matter ) to finish her quest. You'll pop both trophies for Finishing a companion quest & ALL companion quests
Anything for a Friend

Silver Tongue - load save & you'll be in front of some items. Steal an item and get caught. Use any dialog option with [ ] showing. Next, move around the corner to your right. Enter the med bay and steal item on the desk & repeat dialog options. next, head to the back of med bay and steal 3rd item & complete dialog. Trophy should pop after 3rd dialog.
Silver Tongue

Tossball All Star- Kill 50 enemies with a Tossball stick. Load save & run around the area killing a few more enemies till trophy pops.
Tossball All Star

Harder they Fall - Kill a Mega Creature - Load save and you'll see a few enemies in front of you. Kill the bigger enemy and trophy should pop.

You'll also pop these trophies with this save as well : Everybody likes me(75% pos rep) & Skilled(skill to 100)
Harder they Fall

We All Fall Down- 100 enemies turned to ash with plasma damage. Load save & hunt down a few more enemies (4-5) in the map. Hit them with your Tossball stick to kill them. Make sure the enemy turns to an ash pile for it to count.
We All Fall Down

Lost and Found - Skip the hope. Story Related trophy. load up and access nav console. use dialog options to skip the hope yourself ( you'll use a science option to do it yourself ) to one of two locations. Destroyer of worlds trophy auto-pops.
Lost and Found You'll also be able to get the "SUNBURN" trophy here as well. See this thread for instructions on how to do it.SUNBURN HOW TO

SubLight till the end - Load save and talk to Hagen in front of you to finish the quest & trophy will pop

A Star is Born - Starred in an Odeon Movie -Tophy will pop once you talk to Maverick and complete the quest
A Star is Born

Level 30 - reach level 30. Load up & start dialog with Phineas. Make sure to use all dialog options with [ ] to gain a bit more XP. trophy popped right after Phineas get all excited about skipping the hope.
Level 30

Got Your Back - Kill 50 enemies with companion abilities. Load up and kill 5 more pigs in the pen area with your companion - Left on D-Pad , let recharge and repeat.
Got your Back

Hard Time - Landed on Tartarus. Load up and interact with ADA & trophy will pop. This is also a SUPERNOVA save, so you could use this to finish the game on Supernova difficulty
Hard Time

Pirate Radio & One for all - Pirate Radio - Load up and give Sanjar the UDL cartridge to complete the quest & trophy will pop. One For All - After Pirate radio pops, travel back to the Unreliable. Head upstairs to S.A.M and install the acid mod & trophy will pop. *SIDE NOTE* - If you're using this save fresh without and system save data, you'll also pop these trophies - Somethings fishy for reaching Stellar Bay & Best Friend for getting 1st companion.
Pirate Radio & One for All

*** SEE NOTE on this save ***
Patient N - kill 20 enemies that are infected with N-Rays
Poor Sportsmanship - hit 20 enemies in the groin during tactical dilation.
Patient N & Poor Sportsman

*** NOTE ***

I had a hard time tracking the kills with all the mayhem going on, but I got both trophies off this save. you'll have to do a small amount of legwork to gain the trophies.
Patient N - Load up save and kill all the human & animals (pigs count) in & outside the facility with your Hammer. there's a few creatures roaming around outside as well. tactic : just wail on the enemies with your hammer to infect them with N-Rays, then keep hitting till they die. If trophy doesn't pop, you might need to load into another area and repeat tactic.

Poor Sportsmanship- load save and hit all the human enemies in and outside of the facility with your pistol. tactic - use tactical dilation ( R1 ) to slow time & use pistol to hover over groin area and You'll see " WEAKEN " , then shoot them in the groin. Usually ends in a kill. If trophy doesn't pop, you might need to load into another area and repeat tactic.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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