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Banjo Tooie (PAL) Save file

Download Name: Banjo Tooie (PAL) Save file  

Category: Nintendo 64 Nintendo 64 Game Saves

Author: Dodain47

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

File Size: 2.90 KB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

Banjo Tooie (PAL) version save file.
Save files from my playthrough with the Not64 emulator.
One save file is before and one is after the quiz show at the end of the game.

Save:01 - Time:08:43:05 32 Jiggys collected. In the middle of World 4 Jolly RogerĀ“s Lagoon.

Save:02 - Time:15:58:12 57 Jiggys collected. At the start of Hailfire Peaks.

Save:03 - Time:21:03:29 86 Jiggys collected. Plus all 900 Notes, 10 Honeycumbs, Ice Key, Secret Egg, Mega Glowbo and every Cheato page collected. At the Tower of Tragedy. Before the quiz with all earned cheat codes enabled.

I was unable to collect 100% due to anti piracy features present in the game.

World 2: Glitter Gulch Mine: 1 Jiggy is missing. Probably Anti piracy related.
World 3: Witchy World: Unable to find the 3 bears to get the jiggy. Definitely Anti piracy related.
World 7: Hailfire Peaks: 1 Red Jinjo is missing. Probably Anti piracy related.
World 8: Cloud Cuckooland: 1 Jiggy is missing. Probably Anti piracy related.
Overworld: 1 Jiggy missing. Probably Anti piracy related.

ROM Size 33554432 (2000000)
ROM SHA-1 93BF2FAC1387320AD07251CB4B64FD36BAC1D7A6
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Related Forum: Gaming Discussion

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