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[US] Until Dawn Save-Set [CUSA00359]

Download Name: [US] Until Dawn Save-Set [CUSA00359]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: soheilkhan

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA00359

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Item description:

Hello everyone! Today I have the Until Dawn saves (most time consuming ones) to share with you.
Before beginning I highly encourage you guys to play through the game at least once. I had an amazing time with how the story unfolds.
Now you need to know that your choices are what makes the game move forward so these saves will most certainly help you, but you still have to follow certain guides (which I will leave below)
So Let's begin!

Download Link HERE

First Step
Resign and load "Save 1" and do the following
"Let eM In" : Watch the cutscene and when prompted to shoot Ashley, Don't do anything.

Second Step
Resign and load "Save 1" AGAIN and do the following
Watch the cutscene and when prompted to shoot Ashley, Shoot her.

You need to follow a guide from this point onward.
Watch the Ending of this video (when Ashely looks at the notebook)

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When you finish chapter 8 both "The Exorcism of Emily" and "Ashley Snaps" will pop
Follow this video until you get the remaining 1952 clues. You can press R1 to see how many you need. Also you should go for "You Let The Wrong One In" and "The Skilful Wolf Man" ´╗┐trophies as well. just click the links and see the guides.

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You should earn the two trophies mentioned above and also "The Fateful Descent" for the 1952 collectables

Third Step
Resign and load "Save 2" and do the following

During the final scene, as Sam, just constantly shake the controller during all Don't Move segments. Do nothing if you're given a choice. This will get Sam an arm through her gut and Mike pulverized by an explosion. If you successfully killed everyone off, that'll earn you "This Is THE End".

After finishing, copy the save again, and immediately have Sam choose to go for the light switch for "Instant Inferno"

Fourth Step
Resign and load "Collectable Save Totem" and do the following
When you get to train tracks as Matt go towards the camera and you should find the last totem. Use the video below if you can't find it (1:42). in the video Brian is playing as Jess but you will be playing as Matt. nothing is different other than that.

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Final Step
Resign and load "Save 3" and do the following
Go to Episodes and choose to start episode 10. and SAVE EVERYONE. using the guide below of course Smile

Sam and Mike are in the mines. They must cross a pool of water. In stead of going straight on, turn left in the middle of the pool, and climb onto the platform. Here you will find Hannah's Diary, which will save Josh later if you collected at least one Tattoo Clue. (If you don't collect this diary, or didn't collect any of the Tattoo Clues, Josh's head will be crushed by a Wendigo shortly) You just permanently saved Josh.
Jessica and Matt encounter each other in the mines. When danger approaches, choose to Hide and pass the Don't Move segment. (Otherwise, Jess' jaw will be ripped open.) Next, choose to crash through the wood, and Take Jessica with you. Again, pass the Don't Move segment. (Otherwise, Jess' jaw will again be ripped open, and Matt's face will be fatally crushed into a stone) You just permanently saved Matt and Jessica.
Sam arrives back at the lodge, encountering Mike, and later Chris, Ash and Emily as they rush through the door. It doesn't matter if you close the door or not . This is the final scene in the game, and both your choices, and your performance at the Don't Move segments now have immediate drastic effects. Succeed at ALL the Don't Move segments you're presented with. At EVERY choice: pick the OTHER choice than Run for the Switch, and don't stay inactive either. If done successfully, everyone will escape and survive. Thus you'll earn* Four Daughters of Darkness, The Quicker Man,Don't Scare Jessica To Death and They All Live.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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