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US] The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel lll Tedious Trophies

Download Name: US] The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel lll Tedious Trophies Save [CUSA15119] & [CUSA15123]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Seabook

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA15119

File Size: 16.36 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

This is my save that's damn near platinum I have 95% with 294 Hours of Playtime
I'm basically burnt out of this game and I don't want to do a 3rd playthru for this

I only missed 1 trophy if anyone can provide them below that'll be great because I'm fucking done.

In this save file you can probably get far more than what I've written in the text documentation files but here are the ones you should be able to get this is a US file mind you. If anyone wants to reregion the saves and upload the EU versions go right ahead below. I'm just giving back to the community since I've been helped out with games in the past hopefully if you are reading this and you are going for the platinum and you end up getting the dreaded Treasure Chest Trophy you can repay me by uploading a save that I can us to obtain them.

Extra Curricular Activities
Prestigious Military Academy, Talk of the Town, Teacher of the Year
School Directory

I am surprised with the amount of saves uploaded for the first two Cold Steel games but literally nothing for the 3rd. Like I said if you have the two trophies to help me out please upload them and hopefully and eventually we can build a full platinum save for this game, I love it but I can't do another playthu people this game is too long.

Here's the Save

Also Extra Disclaimer I literally bought ALL of the DLC for this game. This game detects if you do or do not have the DLC that is connected with the saves above. So if you want to save the time of getting the trophies above then you'll have to fork up, pay and download the dlc for this game the free and the paid stuff (Update I listed below all the DLC I had for this game for your convenience) . Like I said I really liked this game so I supported them and bought a lot and I know you wouldn't be able to use these saves if you don't have them as well, you can try but I doubt you'll be able to you'll load up the game and it'll give you a pop up saying you don't have the correct dlc installed to use this save.

ADDITIONALLY, like I said for my saves you'll need to purchase and install DLC to use them.
I'll make it tad easier for you and tell you what i remembered I purchasing, the Trails of Cold Steel III: Premium Cosmetic Bundle which is $29.99, I grabbed every dlc that was free and the 3 U-Materials Sets.
When I loaded up this guys game unfortunately he had dlc that I did not. I purchased the 2nd bundle called Trails of Cold Steel III: Standard Cosmetic Bundle which is $14.99. Luckily something in there allowed me to go thru with his save. From there I ran thru the final dungeon all the way to the last chest and saved the game which is what is below. If the game is still telling you that you can't use the save because there's a dlc you do not have installed I suggest 3 final things

A) Making sure that all the dlc above is actually installed mine says I have 44 items btw
Hell I'll even list them for you to make it even easier for you to make sure you have everything that I had that will definitely allow you to use all the saves in this thread

1) Ashen Knight Set
2) Cute Hair Extension Set
3) Cool Hair Extension Set
4) Angel Set
5) Devil Set
6) Arcus Cover Set A
7) Arcus Cover Set B
8 ) Arcus Cover Set C
9) Self-assertion Panels
10) Raccoon Set
11) Snow Leopard Set
12) Bunny Set
13) Rainbow Hair Set
14) Free Sample Set A
15) Free Sample Set B
16) Ride-Along Ozzie
17) Hardcore Set
18 ) Mascot Headgears Set
19) Ride-Along Black Rabbit
20) Ride-Along Elie
21) Faculty Swimsuit Set
22) Ride-Along School Renee
23) Rean's Unspeakable Costume
24) Standard Glasses Set
25) Stylish Sunglasses Set
26) Rare Eyewear
27) Mask Set
28 ) Juna's Lloyd Bannings Costume
29) Rean's Traveling Outfit
30) Altina's Casual Clothes
31) Kitty Noir Set
32) Musse's Casual Clothes
33) Coquettish Blue Swimsuit
34) Ash's Casual Clothes
35) Crossbell Cheer! Outfit
36) U-Material Set 1
37) U-Material Set 2
38 ) U-Material Set 3
39) Rean's Casual Clothes
40) U-Material Set 3
41) Juna's Casual Clothes
42) Kurt's Casual Clothes
43) Kurt's Casual Clothes
44) Thors Main Campus Uniforms

B) Going to Account Management and Restoring Licences to make sure that all of the DLC you purchased and made sure is installed is active this refreshes them
C) If both of them still don't work and there's yet another DLC you can't use then Idk what to tell you man buy literally everything i guess and repeat step 2

Anyway here is my modified Treasure Chest Trophy in CUSA15119
Chest Quest
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