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[US] Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 Remix Platinum Game Saves

Download Name: [US] Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 Remix Platinum Game Saves [CUSA05933]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: rei112

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA05933

File Size: 53.78 MB

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Item description:

Here is my Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 Remix platinum saves, KH1 is Platinum so all you have to do is load up the shortest time one and beat the game you should get proud mode, unchanging equipment, speedster, and undefeated. The one with the most time all you have to do is gummi mission 2 and 3 on deep jungle my gummi ship should be more then enough, also for the 30 blueprints trophy all you need to do is play on the shortest time one and find a new blueprint it should pop. Just do Olympus coliseum for the trophies.


KH2FM: Gummi ship trophies should pop after you beat a mission try looking in the journal or completing a mini game for the trophies. Sora is more then enough to do the replication battles and the hades tournaments, Synthesis should pop as well from looking in the journal.The save should be on the hardest difficulty already so just beat the game.


KHBBS: I have no platinum it yet but the game is beat on critical mode all 6 saves are there I have no completed the optional bosses but all characters are level 99 mirage arena is maxed so just complete those for the trophies aswell, I am not gonna lie its pretty rough on critical mode

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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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Do you have a KH2FM save with the sephiroth fight still available?