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[EU] Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition 100% Game Save

Download Name: [EU] Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition 100% Game Save [CUSA00602]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: washer

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA00602

File Size: 10.34 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Item description:



Load any level and simply die for the trophy to pop.

Load the 4th chapter select screen "Arrival" when the screen loads pres X and Circle together run right until the monster turns up the holding down X and Circle together again run left until you swing on a vine when you land back at the start press and hold X and circle together agin and run right until you get hit to the groun after a few moments the trophy will pop, if you do it corectly you shoul be running with a stride and you will avaoid the leaches biting you.

Secret UFO:
Load the 5th chapter select screen "Jail" using Left & Right on your D-Pad make the cage swing until it drops, when it does walk over to the dropped gun and press down on you D-Pad to pick it up then just stay stil until the trophy pops (30 - 60 seconds).

First Shield:
Load the 7th chapter select screen "Jail" press and hold the X button until you see a blue ord appear in front of the gun, release the X button and you should have just made a shield the trophy will pop.

Mega Shoot:
Load the 7th chapter select screen "Jail" press and hold the X button untill the blue orb cannot get any bigger then release the X button to create a lightning shot the trophy will pop.

Load the 7th chapter select screen "Jail" move right onto the platform press up on the d-pad, once you have reached the top, move right and look out of the window for the trophy to pop.

Load the 9th chapter select screen "City" move left into the room and recharge your weapon the trophy will pop.

Escape Water:
Load the 16th chapter select screen "Caves" you will have to escape the water yourself by running left (holding down the X button) and leaping over the holes in the ground (pressing circle button) timing is required but a few attempts and you should master it.

Load the 17th chapter select screen "City 2" walk right and down the stairs, crouch at the bottom of the stairs and start to shoot an enemy should appear keep shooting to kill him. if he does not appear keep slowly walking forward until he does appear and kill him, walk forward until you see some more stairs do not shoot the enemy which is running away from you proceed to walk down the stairs, you will see a gap in the platform press down on your D-Pad and walk left move slowly left and put up a shield press and hold the X button when you see the enemy appear release the X button and spam the fire button to kill the enemy, Now move right until a secon enemy punches you to the ground and picks you up you can then kick him in his bits (press X Button) run to the left and press down on the D-Pad over you gun on the ground and spam the fire button when you kill the enemy the tropy will pop.

Free Fall:
Load the 23rd chapter select screen "Palace" as soon as the scrren loads run right and fall off the edge when you splat on the ground the trophy will pop.

Load the 27th chapter select screen "Arena" you will have to press some buttons in a certain order to be ejected from the craft so when the control panel shows up on the screen press the following in order on you D-Pad.
X, Down, X, Down, X, Left, X, Left, X, Left, X, Up, X, Up, X, Right, X, Down, X, Dwon, X Right, X
if done corect the last x you press should be on a white button you will be ejected from the craft and the trophy will pop.

Last Battle:
Load the next to last chapter select screen "Baths" after exiting the escape pod move right you will have 4 enemies to kill 2x2 put up a shield then charge your weapon and spam shoot untill both are dead rinse and repeat one more time. after the secon lot of enemies have been killed the trophy will pop.

The End:
Load up the last chapter select screen "End" hold down right on you D-Pad until the cutscene takes over the trophy will pop and the credits will roll.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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