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[JP] Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet platinum save set [No DLC]

Download Name: [JP] Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet platinum save set [No DLC] [CUSA08969]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: acyice

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA08969

File Size: 24.39 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

There is no JP version save set and savewizard can't help with relationship trophy and skill trophy this time, so I'm here.
Before using any save please read all point I mentioned to avoid poping other trophy that you are not wanted to.
First, the save may pop level 100 trophy.
Second, you are belong to me, right-handed woman, gift of a gun may not able to unlock since I trigger the level 4 event of them.
Third, popular Player and proof of friendship may not able to unlock since i also trigger all level 2 event but may be trigger level 3/4 event may trigger this trophy.

Naptime + That's Kirito for You + Bests friends ever +Try it On? + Oooh, Shiny! + OP + Allowance, Please + The Info Broker + Trader + Appraiser + Tinkerer + Weaver + GGO God + A Lost Friend + Fall of the Uncrowned Queen + Color Coordinated
To achieve naptime (Find Kureha who near the gun shop, trigger event choose second option to sleep with her.)
To achieve that's Kirito for you (Start Kirito mode and trigger all event.)
To achieve bests friends ever (Premiere are almost rank 4 so bring her to the map and wait for her using buff and press triangle. Repeat few times.)
To achieve try it on? (Start Kirito mode and give any outfit to any girl characters.)
To achieve oooh, shiny! (Find Agil to appraise legendary weapon. If can't pop out, go to last area and teleport to outside of the forest. On your right hand side, there are few human enemies must drop legendary item.)
To achieve op (Go back home and use the blue console on your left and choose the first option and upgrade one stat to 150 or more.)
To achieve allowance, please (Go back home talk with your cute daughter and give her money.)
To achieve info broker (Leave your home and go to left hand side, buy one info from Argo. Argo should having one last infinite info for you to buy.)
To achieve trader (Exchange medals for items 3 times. The place is in top of the map.)
To achieve appraiser (Find Agil to appraise item.If not enough, find item as oooh shinny!)
To achieve tinkerer (Just buy a lot of normal gun should able to let you enhance 10 times.)
To achieve weaver (Find Asuna to help you make outfit.)
To achieve ggo god (Before start game, option and change to extreme difficulty and beat the game.)
To achieve a lost friend + fall of the uncrowned queen (Just beat the game.)
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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You stated "There is no JP version save set" even though it's a JP save? That makes no sense to me.