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[Multi-Region] Megaman X Legacy Collection 2 Platinum Save [AS-US]

Download Name: [Multi-Region] Megaman X Legacy Collection 2 Platinum Save [AS-US] [CUSA10788]  

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Author: siegfried2911

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA10788

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Item description:

I just want to share my save set for Megaman X Legacy Collection 2. Using this save, you can unlock almost all trophies in this collection, except for the RNG trophy in Megaman X5. I am not sure what region this save file is. It has the code CUSA10788. However, the disc case has an R3 marking.


a. Choose Easy Mode and replay Stage 9. Defeat Spark Mandrill and Rainy Turtloid within one minute to unlock . Just use Shotgun Ice on both of them.

b. At stage 9-2, prolong the fight until the time remaining is less than 3 minutes. You will unlock . You can kill Metal Shark Player first and just dodge Storm Eagle’s attacks.

c. Complete Stage 9 by defeating Gate and Dynamo. After the credits and upon arriving at the screen where the final score will be displayed, you will unlock .

NOTE: Save Files 2, 3 and 4 have records of Rookie Hunter Mode activation.

a. Load Save File 6. Go to any of the finished stages. Once the stage loads, exit the stage. During the Mission Report, you will unlock the last part giving you the trophy.

b. Load Save File 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 or 8. Go to Spiral Pegasus’ Stage. Destroy all 7 bombs without dying. After destroying the last bomb, you will get .

c. Load Save File 6 or 8. Go to the first Zero Stage using Falcon Armor. Kill an enemy to get . Evade the laser beams without using Dark Hold. Dying during the second half of the laser area will not prevent you from getting the trophy. Once you get through the boss door, you will get . Proceed and defeat the Shadow Devil. If you have difficulty getting pass the lasers, you can set the game speed to slow in the options menu at the start screen.

d. Continuing from STEP C: Go to the second Zero Stage using Gaea Armor. Defeat an enemy to unlock . Defeat Rangda Bangda to get .

e. Continuing from STEP D : Go to the third Zero Stage using unarmored X. After the area with moving platforms and spikes, you will encounter a pit with a non-moving platform floating on its left side. Slide down the right side of the pit and eventually you will come across a capsule containing the Ultimate Armor. Enter the capsule to get . Defeat Zero to clear stage.

f. From here, you can continue from STEP E or load Save File 1. Defeat Sigma and you will get . After the credits, on the screen where the hunter rank is displayed, the trophy will unlock. If you beat the game without activating Rookie Hunter Mode, you will also unlock .

g. Unfortunately, this save set will not guarantee the trophy because the -trophy is RNG-based. The first time Save Files 3 and 5 were made, the Enigma shot was successful. However, I am not sure if you can just keep on reloading these files until the Enigma destroys the colony since I tried reloading them and they always fail. Some say that the enigma success rate is higher the lesser hours you have left before collision.

NOTE: Save Files 3 and 4 have records of Rookie Hunter Mode Activation.
a. Load Save File 1. Go to Rainy Turtloid’s Stage as Shadow Armor. As you enter the stage, the trophy will unlock. As the Shadow Armor, kill some enemies there and you will unlock . Exit the stage.

b. Load Save File 7. Go to Infinity Mijinion’s Stage as Ultimate Armor. Once you kill an enemy on that stage, you will unlock . Defeat Illumina and enter the nightmare area. In the nightmare area, defeat Nightmare Zero. After the cutscene, you will get . Also, once you are at the last part of the Mission Report screen, wait for a while and eventually you will get .

c. Continuing from Step B: Go to Shield Sheldon’s Stage as Blade Armor. Defeating an enemy there will give you the trophy. Defeat Shield Sheldon to unlock Gate’s Secret Lab. Enter Gate’s Lab Stage 1 and after the stage loads, you will get .

d. Load Save File 3 or 4. Enter any stage as Zero and kill an enemy. You will get .

e. Load Save File 1, 2, 5 or 6. Go to Sigma’s Stage. Defeat Sigma to get . After the credits, if you beat the game without activating Rookie Hunter Mode, you will unlock .

f. Load any Save File. Enter any stage. Activate Rookie Hunter Mode. Fall down a pit. After you respawn, you will get .

NOTE: Save File 4 was made using Rookie Hunter Mode. I am sure that I did not activate Rookie Hunter Mode on Save Files 1 and 2. However, the trophy did not unlock. Since Save Files 1 and 2 are second playthrough saves, maybe the trophy will only unlock on a first playthrough save.

a. Load Save File 2. Enter Vanishing Gungaroo’s Stage as Axl. At the start of the stage, copy a Runnerbomb. You will unlock . Rescue the last two Reploids on the stage. Both of them are found behind big doors guarded by Runnerbombs. Both of them are located at the first area of the stage. After rescuing the second reploid, exit the stage. After the Rescued Reploids Screen during Mission Report, you will unlock . Then, use the Chip to fully upgrade Axl. You will unlock .

b.Continuing from STEP A: Enter the Palace Road. Beat the level without switching to a partner character to get .

c.Load Save File 3. Enter Vanishing Gungaroo’s Stage. At the start of the stage, listen to Alia’s call. You will get once the support call ends.

d.Load Save File 3. Enter any stage, except Ride Boarski’s Stage, and using X, kill an enemy with any of his special weapons. You will unlock . Do the same with Zero to get . Lastly, do the same with Axl to get

e.Load Save File 3. Enter Crimson Palace and defeat Sigma. You will unlock . If you beat the game without activating Rookie Hunter Mode, you will unlock the trophy after the credits.

f.Load Save File 4. Enter Flame Hyenard’s stage as X. Proceed through the first area of the stage until you reach the section with the red dragon enemies. There is a Dr. Light Capsule near the second dragon. Defeat it, enter the capsule and you will get .

a. Load Save File 3. Go to Jakob Elevator and defeat Vile. Then, go to Noah’s Park. There, fight Vile. Upon defeating him, you will get

b. Load Save File 1. In the R&Awesome face Lab, choose Chip Dev. Then, select Chip Delete. You should unlock . If the trophy did not unlock, load Save File 2 and buy the last upgrade for X.

c.Load Save File 1. Select any stage and choose to play as the navigators. As the stage begins, you should get .

d.Load Save File 1. Go to Optic Sunflower’s stage. Bring Ultimate Armor X and Black Zero to make things easier. Make sure to have top rating in all training levels. After the first boss door, you will come across a large area with a portal at the middle. Enter the portal to fight Cutman. Defeating him will unlock .

e. Load Save File 1. Go to any stage – except for Dynasty and Central White. Using Zero, destroy an enemy using the Sigma Blade to get . Using Ultimate Armor X, destroy an enemy using the Nova Strike to get . Using Icarus Armor X, destroy an enemy with the Giga Crush to get . Using Hermes Armor X, destroy an enemy while using X-Drive to get . Using Black Zero and White Axl, perform a double attack on any enemy to get .

f. Load Save File 1 or 2. Go to the Moon and defeat Lumine. You will get . If you beat the game without activating Rookie Hunter Mode, you will unlock after the credits.


a. Play any game. Change the wallpaper to Secret 1. The trophy will unlock.

b. Go to Museum. Go to Music Player. Go to the X Legacy Collection Section. Play the last track - Give it a Shot [Extended]. The trophy
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