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[EU] Gal*Gun Double Peace Save-Set PLATINUM [CUSA04606]

Download Name: [EU] Gal*Gun Double Peace Save-Set PLATINUM [CUSA04606]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: traffydlaw

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA04606

File Size: 73.40 MB

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Item description:

this is my first saveset or even real post here i hope it'll be ok Smile

THIS IS MY PLATINUM SAVE AND With it you'll get all the trophies (minus the 6 you have to do legit but they are veryyyyy easy :p ) .
All save have been tested on my second account and works


doing one more of each and you'll earn

- Euphorics , Jubilation Accross the Campus, Mr Trigger Happy, Shot to the Heart- Simply shoot 1 girl in her Sweet spot get 4 trophies

- Feeling the doki doki AND Double Peace For Day - Use Triangle on a girl and rub her the right way don't stop and you'll get both

- Exorcise the demon - you need to shoot the girl WITHOUT killing the little demon , just the girl the trophy description is misleading

Now for each ending just load the corresponding final chapter files and beat the final boss (with a perfect score)

you'll get
- The Final Doki-Doki just rub her until she scream of pleasure

- Gal*God - achieve a god like rank

- At The end of the day view your first ending

- Shinobu = Best girl AND Battle with the Bae Shinobu

- Maya = Best girl AND Battle with the Bae Maya

- Ekoro = Best girl AND Battle with the Bae Ekoro

- Kurona= Best girl AND Battle with the Bae Kurona

- Patako = Best girl AND Battle with the Bae Patako

- I love them both (sisters save) AND Monster Hunting on Campus

- Girl of your dream (true love save) AND Getting Things Done if you managed to find the ghost girl in the final chapter Episode Final-2 Roof (PM)Location: Behind the locker on the left at the stairs where the three possessed teachers appear

at any time you can go to the shop and gave feather to Aoi to get her ending

After that you'll get the trophy
- All options considered view all true endings

DATA GATHERER just go to the collection -> students and Boum it'll pop
Gallery is complete too go to the collection -> gallery and after a few sec it'll pop

The next one have to be done legit, they are the minigame ones, Load them in Score attack :

- Pilferer of Panties - just load the Changing Room in score attack and grab the 14 panties they are in plain sight shouldn't be too hard

- Round Thing in Your Face - Load and Get a Perfect Score on "Shinobu in the Window"
- A Sticky situation - Load and Get a Perfect Score on "Maya's Demon Caliing"
- Gonna Get What She Wants - Load and*Get a Perfect Score on "Her Majesty Shinobu"
- Tender Loving Care - Load and Get a Perfect Score on "Maya Medical Care"
- Angelic Fusion Dance - Load and*Get a Perfect Score on "Sister's Odd Ritual"
- Apply It Liberally - Load and Get a Perfect Score on "Demon attracting balm"*
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