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[EU] Demetrios Platinum Game Save Set

Download Name: [EU] Demetrios Platinum Game Save Set  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: mauswanderer

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Save 1
No respect for the police
Use the photocopier on the left and select ‘Yes’ to photocopy your butt (Game Over 6).

Save 2
I love to eat rotten things
Use Wasted ice cream on the floor.

Save 3
Chapter 1 complete
Exit through the door on the right (Game Over 13). Use the window handle, then open the window and exit out of it. You’ll be on the map screen, select Tom’s Apartment.

Save 4
I love to die
Use Empty jar on beehive (Game Over 18).

Save 5
Cookie eater, Trophy Worm Race, Trophy Horse Race & Mommy, let's go to the funfair!
Funfair (Right Screen)
Pick up last Cookie on the tow bar of the race kiosk trailer.
Talk to the race carnie
Select Worm Race. Give your worm a name. Now you’ll play the worm race game - try not to false start, and press or tap the screen as fast as possible to win the race, it’s very simple.
Now select Horse Race. Name your horse. The horse race game is similar to the worm race - again avoid the false start, and tap or tap the screen, only this time, keep your eye on the bar by your horse’s name - this is a stamina bar and your horse will collapse if you tire your horse out by making the bar red too long. You need to lay off and get your horse to win the race without collapsing.
Keep repeating these horse races until you have 100 coins - you can check your balance by leaving the race carnie conversation and checking the top left of the screen.
You win 40 coins for every race victory but you lose 5 coins for a defeat, so keep at it until you get there and reload a save if you lose too many coins. Once you have the rhythm down it is very easy.

Save 6
Trophy Plate Shoot, Trophy Pet Shoot & Bad luck!
Funfair (Middle Screen)
Talk to shoot carnie
Select Plate Shoot. In this game touch pad works best. Touch the targets as they pop up - the furthest ones away get the most points. Missing however, is detrimental to your points tally so only throw the plates if you are confident of a hit. Once you get a high score you’ll get the Plate Shoot trophy.
Select Pet Shoot. This game is very easy, you can cheese it by constantly mashing X and using L2 the to aim, as your success depends on how many animals run across the screen without getting hit, it doesn’t matter how many shots you take. Once you get a high score you’ll get the Pet Shoot trophy.
Talk to wheel carnie
Select ‘Spin the Wheel’ and keep spinning until you hit the skull and crossbones, killing you (Game Over 20). Unfortunately this is heavily luck based, so be patient.

Save 7
Let’s get them all & Funfair complete
Funfair (Left Screen)
Select Right UFO catcher. Grab the last prize - The Pico WD Card.
Back out of the UFO catcher, press the home icon, then funfair and make sure all the spaces are full. Once they are, exit to the map.

Save 8
Chapter 2 complete
Take the money, the flight tickets and the board (please last) from the Save. After the phone call and some cut scenes it is done.

Save 9
Just die, I don’t care
Head upstairs and knock on room 204. When asked if you should help Henri, select ‘No’ (Game Over 23).

Save 10
Will you wake up?!
Knock on room 204. After talking to his wife you will give him the potion.
Select ‘Mouth to mouth’.
Select ‘Hang by his feet’.
Select ‘Shake’-
Select ‘Slap’.

Save 11
Chapter 3 complete
Knock on Sandra’s door, once you’ve chatted for a while, the chapter will end.

Save 12
Flood the museum ground
Use the tap on the water dispenser on the right, let it all drain out despite what Roger says.

Save 13
I thought that would work!
Use plant with red flowers on the sorcerer’s glass (Game Over 28).

Save 14
Game Over fan
Knock the Hideout door, select ‘No’ when asked if you want to hide (Game Over 34).

Save 15
Oops, I fell
Go Right, use the wheel on the right, you should fall off the roof (Game Over 39).

Save 16
Insulting the hotel
Use the box on the bar. You need to type something insulting - I found that simply typing ‘crap’ worked just fine.

Save 17
Chapter 4 complete
Go upstairs where you’ll try to check on Bjorn. You will fall asleep and the chapter will end.

Save 18
I hate little girls
Examine the crotch of Bjorn’s trousers. Look at the window. Look at the hair ribbon on the window sill to the right.
You’ll be back to talking with Bernard.
Choose ‘Denounce Caroline’ (Game over 43).

Save 19
Play on tombs & Please Help!
In the background there is a brown grave and tombstone that look like a pinball machine, use it. It is a very simple game; press and hold square then release to launch the ball, use the directional buttons to operate the flippers. The skull is 100 points and then small dots are 50 points so it goes very quickly, and you have unlimited balls. Once you get to 5000 points a flap will open, and you’ll get a manuscript and a triangular block. Carry on until 10,000 points for the trophy.
Once you've got a few cookies, remember to use at least 10 throughout the game. Eat one cookie for the trophy.

Save 20
Chapter 5 complete
Go Back. When asked if you want to leave Germany, say ‘Yes’. You’ll go through a period of dialogue in your Hotel room and end up heading to the desert, the chapter will end here.

Save 21
I wanna live!
Talk to Caroline until she puts the scorpion on you again.
Choose ‘Pretend nothing happened’ and ‘Yes, continue’ (This is a setup for a later death).

Save 22
Cookie expert & Doctor Frankenstein
Pick up last cookie
On the lock of the treasure chest drawing.
Use the thingy in Tom’s skeleton’s hands. Wish for whatever you want with Caroline. Wish for whatever you want with Sandra. When it is Bjorn’s turn, wish for a clone.

Save 23
Lick that! & Insulting the statue
Use microphone. Choose ‘Lick’.
Use microphone again. Choose ‘Say’ and say something insulting - again, I used ‘crap’ (Game Over 65).

Save 24
Game Over expert, Chapter 6 complete, Insulting the parents & Leaving without closing the faucet
Use microphone again. Choose ‘Say’ and type ‘demetrios’.
At this point the treasure will be revealed, and Caroline will find a bomb.
Let the timer run down (Game Over 66).
Choose ‘Get treasure’ (Game Over 67).
Choose ‘Defuse bomb’ (Game Over 68).
Choose ‘Run Away’.
After this is basically the dialogue that ends the game.

You can skip the credits with PS4 Option Button.

You will all be back at home having a long dialogue.
Sandra will open her parent’s reply to the postcard she sent earlier, they will comment on it and the message saying ‘crap’.
When you enter your apartment it will be flooded because you never turned off the faucet.

Now you have platinum
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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