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[US] Fallout 4 Xiipord's GameSaves w/ Platinum Save [CUSA02557]

Download Name: [US] Fallout 4 Xiipord's GameSaves w/ Platinum Save [CUSA02557]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: xiipord

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA02557

File Size: 91.76 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

Here's my Fallout 4 game saves, one of my all time favorite game! I'll be uploading what I can, I plan on doing another run of this game so hopefully I can upload a decent amount. There are no ways to use these saves as of now, but for future use here they are.

Platinum Save

Instructions: This is my Platinum Save, Level 60, 100 Settlement Happiness, you can honestly get a majority of the trophies with this save alone.
Download Link


Instructions: This is an autosave, just continue it. Cait will stop you as soon as you load the save, keep pressing X until

you have the option to "Romance" with the Triangle button. I believe this is all luck/chance based so if it fails, restart the save.
Tested and worked!
Download Link

Missable Storyline Saves

Institution Missable Quests/Ending

Mankind Redefined
Instructions: Continue on with the quest, pretty simple and straight forward.

Powering up

Instructions: Walk forward and talk to the people, should take a minute or so.

Nuclear Family

Instructions: Walk forward and talk to Father. Complete the mission

Brotherhood Missable Quests/Ending

Blind Betrayal
Instructions: Finish up the mission

Ad Victoriam:
Instructions: Walk forward into the hole in the ground.

The Nuclear Option
Instructions: Walk forward and interact with the detonator. After the scene talk to Maxson behind you, there may be a synth or two you have to kill that glitched onto the level in order to talke to maxson.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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