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[AS/EUR] The Surge Semi Save Set (Base Game No DLC) CUSA04849

Download Name: [AS/EUR] The Surge Semi Save Set (Base Game No DLC) CUSA04849  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: NuguNugu

Submitted By: NuguNugu

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Version: CUSA04849

File Size: 18.62 MB

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Item description:

This files are for the purpose to getting the potentially missable trophies.

This is Asia/Europe version base game no DLC (CUSA04849)

Save file 01 loading point is in the server room in Executive Forum
1a) head to the back of the room to inspect an item just beside a level 85 overcharge point - Turing test
1b) overcharge the level 10 overcharge point in the server room, head up to the boardroom after cut scene - Who's in charge here
1c) exit Boardroom & head to the area on the left - Creo killed the video star & Liberation trophies (refer to the respective youtube videos on how to get the trophies)
1d) Shall not pass will be unlocked after you defeat the guards to take the elevator to the Nucleus.

Save file 2 loading point is Nucleus Medbay.
2a) talk to Alec Norris in medbay & choose "Maddy's dead" dialogue option - Ghost in the Machine
2b) level core power to 80 - Core Power trophy
2c) possible to get the weapon & gear related trophies

Save file 3 loading point is Research & Development area.
3) go straight & head on up to Barrett who has transformed into a machine, after defeating him - Homo Machinalis

Save file 4 loading point is at Nucleus area
4a) final Ironmaus comic is near a failsafe terminal - Sniffing Around

Save file 5 loading point is near the Nanite Calibration Control
5a) If you upload virus & defeat boss - For the Good of Mankind trophy. Reload save file to do the other ending.
5b) If you ignore uploading virus & head on straight to defeat boss - Brave New World trophy. Reload save file to do the other ending.
5c) at the next area before you head straight, turn left to get to the final audio log for the Evolution trophy. it is near a Götterdämmerung weapon.

I hope the files help save you the trouble of scouring the areas in search of the missable trophies/side mission.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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