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[US] Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix Xiipord's Complete Save Set

Download Name: [US] Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix Xiipord's Complete Save Set [CUSA5933]   NEW

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: xiipord

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA5933

File Size: 22.06 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Item description:

This save isn't complete, BUT. you can get every trophy if you use all my links, that involve the two other save uploads. I have written instructions just follow them and you can basically get every trophy.

::: The character used for the saves is level 100, so everything shouldn't be too hard. You have more than enough mana, so cure will be your best friend. :::

Slot 14 - Green Room (Very first checkpoint in the whole game, skip the prologue bit with this. It's out of order due to complications)
Slot 1 - The Frosty Giant, One-Winged Angel,

This is a Colosseum save, the basic cups have been completed. So if you beat them again it should pop the trophy. There's another save that has them left alone so if the trophy doesn't pop for Phil Cup, Pegasus Cup, Hercules Cup, Hades Cup (try starting at the 10th seed), use slot 13

Slot 2 - Queen's Castle Save (Alice in Wonderland : before ending save)
Slot 3 - Camp: Tent (Tarzan : before world ending save)
Slot 4 - Coliseum: Lobby (Hercules : before world ending save)
Slot 5 - Treasure Room (Aladdin : before world ending save)
Slot 6 - Monstro: Mouth (Pinocchio : before world ending save)
Slot 7 - Evil Playroom (Halloween Town : before world ending save)
Slot 8 - Ship: Cabin (Neverland : before world ending save)
Slot 9 - Castle Chapel [No princess standing around] (Hallow Bastion : before first boss fight)
Slot 10 - Castle Chapel [Princesses are standing around] (Hallow Bastion : before world ending End of the World Trophy)
::: Slot 11 - Final Rest :::

This is the LAST save of the game, continue from here and you'll get
- Proud Player + Final Mix Master, Novice Player
- Unchanging Armor DO NOT equip any armor or other weapons!!!!
- Undefeated Finish the rest game without dying!
- Speedster Finishing the game under 15 hours

Slot 12 - Triton's Throne (The Little Mermaid : before ending save)
Slot 13 - Coliseum (Hercules : save point without any of the tournaments being started or completed. Sepharoth is marked as "?????"
Slot 15 - Castle Chapel (Enter the Black hole between the two statues for He Who Doesn't Exist trophy )
Slot 16 - Magician's Study
- Top Dog : Last Dalmatian's are behind the magician's house
- Treasure Hunter : Use the trinity behind the magician's house and get the chest for 100 chests trophy. If it doesn't pop use the Slot 01 save and grab a couple chests, there's plenty all over Halloween Town
Slot 17 - 100 Acre Wood (Pooh's world : before ending save)
::: Storyteller Trophy :::
- After Completing 100 acre Wood world, go to the coliseum and fight in the Hades' cup until seed 10, once you beat Hades the trophy will pop!
- The Sandy Blade (Kurt Zisa in Agrabah)
- The Cloaked Shadow (Phantom at Clock Tower)
Slot 18 - nothing big.
Journal Keeper Trophy click this link and use the save here - go to the vine jump minigame with this save and it'll pop as soon as you begin it.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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