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[US] Dragon Star Varnir Hard/Time consuming trophies [CUSA14503]

Download Name: [US] Dragon Star Varnir Hard/Time consuming trophies [CUSA14503]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: ChaosK1ng

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA14503

File Size: 47.06 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

Hey guys these are my saves for dragon star varnir. i looked on here and couldn't find any saves for the game so i decided to do some.

1 A Witch on a mission
Turn in the last quest its already done

2 After the dragon elixir & The witch of Elixirs
Just craft one more elixir for the witch of elixirs and to get after the dragon elixir just fight one more elixir dragon

3Chapter 11 cleared, All character endings, and The unyielding witch
fight the last boss for chapter 11 cleared and the unyielding witch. To get all character endings you have to go back to the den then go to the witches room and raise the affection to max its the pink circles before you fight the final boss use the pure white dress to raise it the most and use the hell mushrooms to make it go back down. you will have to reload this save multiple times to get the endings. you can only do one at a time sadly

4 Dragon Domination
Fight a few more elixir dragons and have your characters turn in to the dragon form its the purple ball beside your health

5Dragon Expert
Fight 2 more enemies in the star womb dungeon that i haven't fought already. the enemy list is at 78% you need 80% for the trophy

6Incomparable Witch
Just Fight the boss in front of you

7Mad ending
Just Fight the last boss in front of you

8 Normal Ending
Just fight the last boss in front of you

this is my first post so if i made any mistakes please let me know thanks. i included the system data in these saves as well not sure if its need but its there if it is.
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