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[EU] Marvel's Avengers All Characters L50/Lv150 Power Save [CUSA14030]

Download Name: [EU] Marvel's Avengers All Characters L50/Lv150 Power Save [CUSA14030]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: BCD7000

Submitted By: bduke7000

Date Added:

Last Updated:

Version: 1.06 - CUS

File Size: 18.63 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

Comments: 6

Downloads: 91

Views: 684

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Item description:

This is the Ultimate endgame starting Save with all Story/Character chains complete with Last avenger standing unlock (14 floor hive).

I thought to make a proper decent say for you guys. Treat this as a most legit save without modding stats side of things.

All Characters lv 50
All Characters lv 150 power
Almost All Outfits unlocked at time of writing (excluding battle pass ones)
Lots of patterns (Do no use until new characters or new outfits are released in case future updates break the cheat)
Unlocked lots of character Nameplates/Emotes
All base comics unlocked (Duplicates now on to make more powerful)
Almost all Intelligence and codex unlocked
Over 34,000 Units

feel free to give thanks below and good luck with the grind everyone
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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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Schwibbel1988 you should read the comments below before actually submitting one. New save is here


There is no profile save included. Please upload your profile


Sorry guys I have re-added it with the profile so just waiting on the guys to approve for you. Also, this is not designed as a platinum trophy it's designed as an endgame grind for comics, exotics and so on you will just have to beat the hive yourself which shouldn't be too difficult if all 150.


yeah this doesnt work without the profile save as well



it would be nice but to my knowledge it only works with the corresponding profile data. I have tried it without the profile data but then it does not work.


Is this a platinum save? 50 hives trophy?