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[EU] Nexomon: Extintion Platinum Save [CUSA19560]

Download Name: [EU] Nexomon: Extintion Platinum Save [CUSA19560]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Sinkpox

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA19560

File Size: 33.36 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

Comments: 2

Downloads: 13

Views: 209

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Item description:

There is 3 saves within the file.

1- This is the platinum save. It has 380/381 nexomons, the last one is Graciful that needs to be leveled up one level to evolve to Floreina. After that capture any random nexomon and trophies will pop.
2- This save was done a couple hours before the first, pretty much useless. It has the same as the first but some random tyrants need to be catched. You can ignore it.
3- This save was made at the beggining of the game with max gold. Needed to spend 50k gold for a trophy. Save 1 is modified so all items cost 1g.

I think you can get almost all of the non-story trophies with the first save.

- Evolving Graciful and capturing one random nexomon should give all of the capture related trophies (30, 60, 90, 150, all nexomons, all tyrants, all primordial tyrants, all greater drakes)
- Fighting any tamer should unlock A dozen down, Show them who's boss and Haven't you had enough?!. The 100k gold trophy should also pop.
- The Workaholic trophy i don't know if it will pop completing any random secondary quest (the blue ones). I know for sure that i have some of them uncompleted so you can search one and try if it works
- Other miscelanious trophies like tossing 100 meals, selling 200 elemental shards, breaking 500 boulders should pop after 1 more. I don't know if This should be illegal will pop after entering a random vault.
- For the level 99 nexomon try equiping four 25% exp share cores to a level 3-4 nexomon and winning a battle against a tamer. While i was evolving mons for completion i leveled one by error at 99 doing this lol

This hasn't been tested yet so i don't know if this will work. I know for sure that you can get the trophy related to getting all nexomons, the rest i have no idea.
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i dont get any trophy feeling sad


I do not get a single Trophy with the savegame.

Edit: Just the all of the capture trophy