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[EU] Syberia 3: Master Locksmith [CUSA05545]

Download Name: [EU] Syberia 3: Master Locksmith [CUSA05545]   NEW

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Reidso

Submitted By: CalicoReidso

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Item description:

Turn right, and go down the basement stairs

Move LS left and go to the Krystal ship model

Look for an interaction point on the banister below the ship model,
(Press /, [] and then D-Pd down 3 times and USE crank)
Rotate it around to lower the case guarding it
(Hold X and rotate the LS)

Press / on the plaque at the front of the model
Also note the line "to know how to think backwards"

Press / on the side of the model and note all
the numbers mentioned in the message: 98, 60, 80 and 30

You'll need these for the next puzzle...

Zoom in on the side of the Krystal model to find a lock, with a pin
you need to rotate and match to several numbers
What the riddle means is, select those numbers in reverse order
So, HOLD X and move LS until you touch number 30, and then release it
The crane of the Krystal model should lower
Repeat this for the other 3 numbers....
Point the pin in between 70 and 90, 50 and 70 and then to the right of 90
You should now be able to pull on the Krystal's Anchor, kind of like a lamp
(Hold X and Down with LS)
Do this, and the top part of the ship will open
Zoom in (/) to find a miniature ignition key. Twist it right and then grab it
It's too small to use for the actual ship

Look for a key pressing machine on the table where Kurk's prosthetic leg was,
and zoom in (Move LS to left, machine is on the table)


Look for a small box on the shelf below the machine and take a Key Blank
Zoom in on the machine and take note of the two chambers covered by hatches
Zoom in on the left one and open it, then place the key miniature inside it
(not the blank you got a second ago)
Move the button on the left, which should lock the key in place
Close the hatch on this chamber, zoom out, and then zoom in on the right chamber
Open it and place the key blank inside, then close the hatch
Move the lever on the right down until the knob-like thing is at 200
This is the size of the key you need. Pull down the red button above it in order
to start the process ["Master Locksmith" trophy popped here for me]
Zoom in on the right hatch, open it, and if you did everything correctly,
you should be able to collect a copy of the key
**** "Master Locksmith" **** trophy pops
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