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[EU] Syberia 3: Valsemborgate, Steiner Family And Grumpy Old...

Download Name: [EU] Syberia 3: Valsemborgate, Steiner Family And Grumpy Old... [CUSA05545]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Reidso

Submitted By: CalicoReidso

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Item description:

It will be on a chat dialogue scene
Select ANY option (I selected "Thank You")
**** "Valsemborgate" Trophy Pops ****

Follow Steiner back into the basement and look for an open
cardboard box right next to the stairs
Look inside and move the film reels around until you find
one with Quilak on it

Walk towards Steiner, and Use the film reel on the projector
This movie will tell you about Baranour, and why Obo drinks
(Sorry, Can't Skip It)
After watching the film, go back with Steiner upstairs
to meet with Sarah. They'll tell you more about Baranour
Select any choice
**** "Steiner Family" Trophy Pops ****

Steiner will go back downstairs again to finish Kurk's prosthesis
Follow him again, Then go to the model of the Krystal at the center
of the room and zoom in. Start playing with the little light switch
on the right. Turn it on and off to irritate Steiner
**** "Grumpy Old..." Trophy Pops ****
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