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Gang Burrito Camper Van

Download Name: Gang Burrito Camper Van  

Category: PC Game Mods Grand Theft Auto 5 Mods GTA 5 Vehicle Mods

Submitted By: Ahri

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Item description:

Here is my newest creation using the menyoo object spooner. i present the 1989 Chevy G30 Camper vans. this mod features two variations, one a base model camper van, and the other a surfer camper van, both are similar but not the same. the camper van has the same interior as the surfer camper but with the standard driver and passenger bucket seats, while the surfer camper has a full bucket seat. as for the exterior of both vans the camper van feature standard exterior with single fin spoiler and standard menyoo license plates while the surfer camper features a dual fin spoiler, two basic long boards and a surf rescue long board on the roof. As for the license plates, they are in blue and yellow with the word tubular for the totally surfer theme, and the grille of the surfer camper also sports a spare tire mounted to the front for that extra little detail of difference. if this file doesn't spawn for any reason, please let me know in the comments. just like the mystery machine mod, this mod must also be installed into the vehicles folder of your menyoostuff folder/menyoo. just simple place the xml files into vehicle folder of menyoustuff and you good to go. i hope every one enjoy's and feel free to modify it in any way you want this was meant for enjoyment and creativity, so feel free to show me your twist on my camper van mods. thank you
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Related Forum: Grand Theft Auto Forum

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