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Syndicate Save Set

Download Name: Syndicate Save Set  

Category: Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Update - Added Half-Millionaire 3-10-12

Update - Added Hurt Locker & The Professional 3-9-12

Update to Save Set Directions for each save added are in each achievement folder. 3-6-12

All chapter achievements and more

Updated With Nowhere To Hide - 30 Directions are in Folder 3-1-12

How to use save

1. First take this save rehash and resign it using Horizon.Then..

2. Click on content tab and right click on Checkpoint to extract file to desktop, and also CheckpointCS. Dont mess with _profile(mp)

Leave Horizon open.

3. Now open up Idlehands88 SP editor V1.2, then open each of the two files you extracted to the desktop in the editor and
(there already modded with extra health(inf health),infinite ammo and chip upgrades(back button and use the chip upgrades))

Close the editor.

4. Now back to Horizon, right click on Checkpoint and Replace the file with the one on your desktop(The one you ran through
the editor). Then repeat with CheckpointCS.

5. After replacing the files then rehash and resign and save to USB.

6. Load up Game, goto options, video, and change the gama back to default( hit y ) tHen back out and it will save.

7. Read the Achievement Directions Now.

Achievement Directions

0. Start game and get Welcome to Eurocorp - 5, and Linked In - 5 achievement's first, then use set.

Golden Handshake - 5

1. Continue campaign,Complete the level quickly, there will be no enemeies, and you will get CEO ranking

All Aboard -20

2. Continue campaign, Defeat the Dropship and finish the level for milestones 2,3,4 & 5 completed on hard.

Top Marks - 15

3. First continue campaign then follow directions included in folder.

Campaign: EuroCorp - 20

4. Continue campaign and Just finish the mission for completion of milestones 7 & 8.

Campaign: La Ballena - 20

5. Continue campaign and beat Ramon(Also you can get Missile Command - 30 You have to breach 5 missiles of one barrage)and finish mission. For completion of milestones 10 & 11. You can restart if you dont Missile Command.

Campaign: Downzone - 20

6. Load and continue campaign, finish mission for completion of milestones 12,13,14 & 15.

Little Black Book - 30

8. Continue Campaign, After loading,go back down the stairs it is the last buisness card in the hand of a dead guy under the
stairs. Read No. 2

Hacker - 30 & Make it Snappy - 10

9. After you got the buisness card, Now go back up the stairs and suicide breach one of the enemies in front of the datacore to get Hacker achievement,300 breaches and execute the other one for 50 executions.
Read No.3

Mastermind - 5

10. To Unlock the Datacore in the minimum number of breaches, Make sure your standing back far enough, press RB for (dartoverlay), then quickly breach right, then left side as quick as you can. Make sure you stay in Dart overlay the whole time.
Don't worry if you fail, you can simply restart to the last checkpoint. Continue through the door after breached. Read No. 4

Greed is Good - 35 & Buisness is War 50

11. Just finish the mission for Greed is Good, Achieve CEO ranking on all chapters on hard difficulty and Buisness is War
achievements.Now keep playing on, continue after ranking screen.Read No.5

Deny Everything - 30

12. Scan the door before you go through it at the very beginning of the Milestone 20 level for all propaganda tags. If you have
not finished the game yet then continue for Syndicated - 20. Read No 6.

Rampageous - 15

13. Goto chapter select and selcet chapter 8, and get a rampage kill streak for 250 rampage kills/streaks.

No Where To Hide - 30

14. Goto chapter select and selcet chapter 8, Switch fire mode to single shot (down on keypad) Use Dart Overlay and and get a penetration kill.

The Professional - 20

15. Load up game and goto campaign then to chapter select. Pick chapter 10 on any difficulty.Suicde breach the first guy you see quickly, should kill the other guy close to him. Pick up weaopns. Shoot the first guy you see as you go down the stairs with the Assault Rifle you picked up.

Hurt Locker - 30

16. Continue from step 15, When you get to the bootom of the stairs, goto the room under the room you entered at the start. Goto the right side of the room against the wall and breach the first grenade thrown.

Half-Millionaire - 30

17. Load up game and goto campaign then to chapter select. Pick any chapter on any difficulty(I Used chapter 10) .Suicide breach the first guy you see quickly, Then shoot the other guy close to him if suicide doesn't.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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