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Q*Bert 1.0

Download Name: Q*Bert 1.0  

Category: GameBoy & GameBoy Color GameBoy Flashcart & Tools

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

IMPORTANT: this game is FREE. I created it as a way to learn GBC programming
and as a tribute to what I believe is truly a classic of graphic and game
design. Please enjoy it and pass it along to other Q*bert fans, but please
don't attempt to use it to make money.

To play the "cartridge" you will need either a Gameboy emulator, or for the
real-deal, a way to burn a Gameboy cartridge.

How to play:
c'mon it's Q*bert!!!!

Press 'A' or 'Start' to play a normal game. 'B' for difficult.
(In the arcade machine difficult mode is enabled via a DIP switch).
Use the joypad to hop around. Right now the pad controls correspond to:
LEFT = up left
UP = up right
DOWN = down left
RIGHT = down right.

In a later version I'll probably add the ability to make the pad work on
diagonals. Either way the controls take a little getting used to- just
like on the original game =^)

During the game you can use "Select" to toggle the score/lives bar on and
off to make a little more of the screen visible.
"Start" can be used to skip the little intros that occur every 4 levels.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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