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Call of Duty 2 - Save Set

Download Name: Call of Duty 2 - Save Set  

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Call Of Duty 2 :-
Veteran Checkpoint Save Set.

Resign the saves. I tested with Xss.

1 Level - The Winter War
1 Level - Red Army Training :- Nothing needs doing, 2 Level - Demolition :- Move to the gold star on screen.

2 Level - Not One Step Backwards
1 Level - Repairing The Wire :- Nothing needs doing, 2 Level - Railroad Station No 1 :- Nothing needs doing.

3 Level - Fortress Stalingrad
1 Level - Downtown Assault :- Press A to stand and move to the gold star on screen, 2 Level - Stalingrad City Hall :- Kill enemies then move to gold star on screen then press X to set charge, 3 Level - Comrade Sniper :- Shoot the enemies that come through the door.

4 Level - The Battle Of El Alamein
1 Level - The Diversionary Raid :- Nothing needs doing, 2 Level - Holding The Line :- Click and hold left stick in and then target tanks by pressing X,
3 Level - Operation Supercharge :- Kill 3 enemies in house and then press X on the radio upstairs, 4 Level - The End Of The Beginning :- Go all the way forward and move to the gold star on screen.

5 Level - The Tank Squadrons
1 Level - Crusader Charge :- 1 Nothing needs doing, 2 Level - 88 Ridge :- Kill all the gold stars on screen.

6 Level - Rommel's Last Stand
1 Level - Armored Car Escape :- Kill enemies and go all the way forward and move to the gold star on screen, 2 Level - Retaking Toujane :- Nothing needs doing, 3 Level - Assault On Matmata :- Walk forward then press and hold X to use the anti-aircraft gun then shoot down all the planes.

7 Level - The Battle For Caen
1 Level - Prisoners Of War :- Hold X to pick up Panzerschreck then fire at red drums on left side of the screen when you see the enemy, then press B to crouch. Fire and hit the tank 3 times to kill it, 2 Level - The Crossroads :- Press X to drop gun then press A to stand up then move to the gold star on screen, 3 Level - The Tiger :- Nothing needs doing, 4 Level - The Brigade Box :- Move to the gold star on screen.

8 Level - D-Day
1 Level - The Battle Of Pointe Du Hoc :- Move to the gold star on screen, 2 Level - Defending The Pointe :- Nothing needs doing, 3 Level - The Silo :- Climb down the ladder and move to the gold star on screen.

9 Level - Hill 400
1 Level - Bergstein :- Kill enemies from window then go down the stairs, computer soldier opens the door. Kill enemies that appear then press X on troop carrier to blow it up. Then go to the back door of church and kill enemies on ground floor then climb the stairs at side to kill last 2 enemies. Then move to the gold star on screen, 2 Level - Rangers Lead The Way :- Move to the gold star on screen, 3 Level - The Battle For Hill 400 :- Nothing needs doing.

10 Level - Crossing The Rhine
1 Level - The Crossing Point :- Move to the gold star on screen and kill the enemies when they are dead move to the next gold star on screen.

CoD2 VeteranSpg

Instructions :-

1. Load source profile "CoD2 VeteranSpg" and click on single player.
2. Go to Mission Select and choose the mission D-Day then sub-mission The Silo.
3. Select Easy difficulty but as soon as you select easy do the spg to destination profile, the destination profile has got to be loaded before the loading bar indicator has reached the photo at bottom middle right of the screen. The game will take you back to the main menu. Then choose mission select, if missions are completed on Veteran then success. If they are not sign in with source profile "CoD2 VeteranSpg" and try again. Then start playing the game on Easy starting with the level Red Army Training and any one mission in each of the missions thereafter to get Veteran for those levels. Or use the info below.

Fastest way to get the 1000gs is to do this. Use the CoD 2 Veteran Spg to get all missions bar the last to register as veteran, then resign these saves to play. 1 1 Level - Red Army Training, 2 1 Level - Repairing The Wire, 3 1 Level - Downtown Assault, 4 1 Level - The Diversionary Raid, 5 Level 1 - Crusader Charge, 6 Level 2 - Retaking Toujane, 7 Level 3 - The Tiger, 8 Level 2 - Defending The Pointe, 9 Level 3 - The Battle For Hill 400, 10 Level 1 - The Crossing Point.

Gamerscore you can get with the saves is 1000/1000 Gs.

Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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