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GoldenEye 007 - Mord's Custom Multiplayer Weapon Set

Download Name: GoldenEye 007 - Mord's Custom Multiplayer Weapon Set  

Category: Nintendo 64 Nintendo 64 ROM hacks

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Custom weapon set if you want something different to play with with your friends. Not a Klobb in sight!

Made with Goldeneye Setup Editor. Thanks to the makers of this fantastic editor.

There are 2 patches to choose from:
Mord’s Weapon Set:

Only the Multiplayer default weapon set has been changed.
Mord’s Weapon Set X:

Weapon set has been changed
All multiplayer levels are unlocked by default and playable with up to 4 players.
All multiplayer characters unlocked.
Stack and Basement have been replaced with Statue and Cradle. If you didn’t know, Statue and Cradle are in the original game’s code as fully playable multiplayer maps, but only accessible with a cheat device like a Gameshark.
Includes .bps patches (to be used with “beat”) and .xdelta patches (to be used with Goldeneye Setup Editor).

Tested with Project64 & Everdrive 64 2.5.

Weapon Set List:
Remote Mines Only:

x8 Remote Mines
Mix 1:

x2 Phantom
x2 RCP 90
x2 Laser
x1 Silver PP7
x1 Gold PP7
Mix 2 (Golden Gun Remix):

x2 RCP-90
x2 Lasers
x2 Remote Mines
x1 Silver PP7
x1 Golden Gun
Rifles & SMGs:

x1 AR33
x1 D5K
x1 D5K Silenced
x1 Phantom
x1 ZMG
x1 KF7
x1 Sniper Rifle
x1 RCP-90
Phantom & Remote Mines:

x4 Phantom
x4 Remote Mines
All Explosives:

x2 Rocket Launcher
x2 Grenade Launcher
x1 Grenades
x1 Timed Mines
x1 Remote Mines
x1 Proximity Mines
Launchers & Remote Mines:

x3 Rocket Launchers
x3 Grenade Launchers
x2 Remote Mines
Mines only:

x3 Timed Mines
x3 Remote Mines
x2 Proximity Mines
Shotguns/RC-P90/Remote Mines:

x2 Shotgun
x2 RC-P90
x2 Auto Shotgun
x2 Remote Mines
PP7s only:

x2 Silenced PP7
x3 PP7
x2 Silver PP7
x1 Gold PP7

x4 Shotgun
x4 Auto Shotgun
Non Multiplayer Weapons (guns that are not available normally in MP):

x2 Hunting Knives
x2 D5K Silenced
x2 Shotgun
x2 Phantom
Knives + Taser:

x3 Hunting Knives
x3 Throwing Knives
x2 Taser
Tank rounds only! (only 1 round per ammo spawn point, try this on License to Kill!):

x8 Tank rounds
ROM / ISO Information:
GoldenEye 007 (U) [!].z64
CRC32: B6330846
MD5: 70C525880240C1E838B8B1BE35666C3B
SHA-1: ABE01E4AEB033B6C0836819F549C791B26CFDE83
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
Related Forum: Gaming Discussion

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