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NeoCD/PS2 0.6c

Download Name: NeoCD/PS2 0.6c  

Category: PlayStation 2 PlayStation 2 Homebrew

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

NeoCD/PS2 is a open source NeoGeo CD emulator running on the
Sony Playstation 2. It is a port of NeoCD/SDL, the excellent
NeoGeo CD emulator by Foster. all SDL portions have been
removed and replaced by PS2 "native" libraries (using PS2SDK).

NeoCD/PS2 is not endorsed by SNK Playmore in any way and is
produced without the use of any copyrighted material which
belongs to Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, or SNK Playmore,
or any other party.

NeoCD/PS2 should only be used to play games that the user legally
owns. NeoCD/PS2 must never be distributed with any copyrighted
games or other material. Any breach of these terms is out of the
authors control and is not at the authors consent.
NeoCD/PS2 is a free sofware. You may copy and distribute it as
much as you like assuming that you respect the above conditions.
The NeoCD/PS2 source code is distributed under the terms of the
GNU General Public License.

NeoCD/PS2 is not responsible of any possible damage to your PS2,
use it at your own risk.

See COPYING for further information on the GNU licence.
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