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Author: vegito_93

Submitted By: Sean

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ESR beta r9b coded by ffgriever.

Download in attachment below.


ESR public beta, revision 9b
* halved memory usage on IOP side (some new games should work, like Melty Blood: Act Cadenza)
* changed once again EE streams (Ape Escape 2, Gitaroo Man, maybe more)
* it doesn't matter anymore if ESR is launched directly from FMCB or through uLE (KYA: Dark Lineage, V-Rally 3, maybe some more games)
* corrected some stack pointer problems on EE side
* added synchronous mode and media type spoofing for EE (accessible only by GUI version)
* some minor changes to make future compiling and management easier (also necessary to simplify GUI version a lot)
ESR public beta, revision 9a
* changed stream handling to make some old games working (Onimusha: Warlords) - but for some games it will need additional IOP memory
* fixed a bug that caused read callbacks to be called more times that they should (thus making the game think, some data is ready, while the read operation wasn't even issued - GT3 PAL)
* rewrote IOP code to use a little bit less memory
* now it should work with any other valid media than PS2DVD and DVDV - though, I can't find use for that
* replaced some temporary solutions by real ones, thus increasing stability, I guess ;)
* some small changes to get the games that lost compatibility in r9 working again (ie. KYA: Dark Lineage, V-Rally 3/PAL)

ESR public beta, revision 9
* lower memory usage on EE side and (what's more important) on IOP side (~6.5kB less right now) - might make some incompatible or freezing games working
* yet again new method of handling streams - sound and FMVs should work fine in another few games (well, "Chulip" being one of them ;) )
* automatic sceCdMmode patching... so for some CD->DVD converted games there will be no need to use DVDScan to do the patching (mediachecks still have to be patched... see release post for details)
* fixed a problem that made some absolutely properly converted/patched CD->DVD games not working with ESR, now they should work just fine
* many small fixes on IOP side, everything should be much more realiable (there is at least one game that benefits of it)
* fixed timing issues and error passing for "CD style" DVD reads - N06, mostly used in older games
* small fix to the "off" version of ESR
* simple splash screen for all versions (some people are selling it: read release post and earlier discussion for details)

ESR public beta, revision 8a+
* corrected a typo in "mcard" version that prevented loading anything else than "mc0:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF"

ESR public beta, revision 8a
* changes in IOP reset procedure - should help with some games
* fixed IOP side initialization for dvdv - should help with some games (SSX:OT should work again)
* fixed LoadExecPS2 - more games should work fine (mostly capcom's "anthologies" and "collections")
* fixed some timing issues for streaming reads

ESR public beta, revision 8
* changed LoadExecPS2 implementation. It should be now much more compatible (games that were hanging at red screen or after red screen should work fine now)
* restructurized code placement for better (I hope) compatibility
* fixed some bugs on EE side, that caused some games to not load at all (black screen)
* changed IOP code to wait untill all init/patching is done (no more white screens at beginning I hope)
* added additional file "dvd direct off" - it has similar feature that hdloader "mode 3", will disable ESR after first IOP reset (might be necessary for some games)
* changed SYSTEM.CNF parser once again
* updated imagedrv module with corrected version
* lots of other minor fixes, mainly on EE side

ESR public beta, revision 7b
* changed SYSTEM.CNF parser, so it will also work with names without ISO ver suffix
* replaced imagedrv module with my own (thanks neme for pointing it out, I didn't know it could be coded by sony)

ESR public beta, revision 7a
* fixed a bug in new stream method

ESR public beta, revision 7
* new basic method for all reads "app-esr hybrid"
* ICO has the sound back (hopefully other old games too)
* fixed a bug in stream handling, some games that had problems getting data from discs, should work fine now

ESR public beta, revision 6b
* initial public release.
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