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Download Name: Paintown  

Category: PlayStation 3 PS3 Homebrew

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Little wake-up call, this 2D game based on the source code for MUGEN, was designed by Jon Rafkind and covered by Scristopher PS3 and lunuxx. The aim of this game is, as with any beat them all, as much as possible to hit the opponent to reach the end of it.

This mod includes a total of 12 Levels. The program of festivities, there are 3 new bonus stages, support for the multiplayer to 4 (not tested but should work), three new characters (Seiya, Shiryu and Hyoga) as well as new enemies and music for internships.

And good news on top of that, the Wii version is coming soon …

Download and install pkg on your console via “Install Package Files.”
Paintown 3.5 and installed the mod!
The author wishes to thank the whole team Paintown for his help on this mod but cool72 for testing in 3.41 on PS3 and Wii.
Here’s a short video of a bonus stage (Saint Seiya) to give you an overview of the final:

Official 3.5 status co-op offline multiplayer (up to 4 players) lots of things fixed new items: invincibility and speed!

more compatibility

Of course these items are things you can add yourself with the level/animation editor some pre built things are in the works as of now nothing complete yet, although you can easily make your own or make a request here. multiplayer works great and I will recompile paintown later with markus’s stuff built in as well for people that would like to try 3.5 with his mods (although his was only a few days before the official release date) network mode coming very soon

adding custom music to the game
mp3/ogg fixed (add your own custom music to /dev_hdd0/game/Paintown_/USRDIR/data/music/ change main menu music by editing */dev_hdd0/game/Paintown/USRDIR/data/menu/main.txt)
More states implemented in adventure mode
support for multiple hit boxes in same frame
editor majorly updated
X is no longer quit from menus (start is)
move list added to pause menu
new character terry by marcus95
Ive added batman and peter griffin to adventure mode (not part of official) if anyone would like to work on them further feel free too.

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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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