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Bowfishing Action!

Download Name: Bowfishing Action!  

Category: PlayStation 3 Downloads PS3 Homebrew

Submitted By: Sean

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Bowfishing Action! is a thrilling fishing game, in which you have to catch carps. The game has been described as a mixture between the NES games The Black Bass and Duck Hunt. The gameplay unites the soothing feeling of fishing and the the excitement of high-speed gun games. The game utilizes not only the pointing ability of the Wiimote, but also the unique motion control. There are three levels of difficulty and the goal of the game is to win a gold medal!

The game is competing in the Nintendomax Wii Dev Comp├ętition 2009

Choose level of difficulty and press the start start.
Aim the Wiimote at a carp and press the A-button to launch an arrow.
Hold the Wiimote horizontally and rotate it in a circular motion to reel in the fish.
If you don't hit a carp, you have to reel in your line, before you can launch a new arrow.
Press the HOME -button to escape the menu or to take a break.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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