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Download Name: ArnoldX  

Category: Xbox (Original) XBOX Homebrew Applications

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

File Size: 17.35 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

What's News
Sound is now paused on game "exit". To (hopefully) prevent sound stuttering on exit.
Fixed issue where selecting the root directory with the A button would crash the emulator. an oversite when I was modifying the game selection code.
More cleanup of the screenshot display code.
Fixed left/right d-pad browsing code on the favorites menu. Also fixed issue on game select menu when number of files in a directory is less than lines displayed by the skin.
Fixed issue where interface was improperly numbering the savestates for Snes9xbox core 1.53 and thus you could save a state but not load it.
You can now disable the "Launch Inserted CD" option menu in the "Dummy/Lockdown Mode Settings" menu for emulators that use have this option.

Fixed issue on emulators that use individual game modes where the interface video mode was reverting to a games video mode if the xbox was turned off before exiting the game.

Fixed issue where game browser would revert to displaying normal filenames instead of long filenames when the file browser is used in-game.

Fixed some issue with the manual screen advance code. In particular manual advancement of box/cart art when the display time is set to 0.
Saving screensize/position globally somehow got borked. Hopefully fixed.

File select menu allowed you to add/remove files from favorites or delete game saves even when you were not in the game select menu. Fixed.
The indexes for box/cart art size/position were all wacked out causing some skins not to display boxart. However some skins do not have their orientation options set correctly so you might have to fix that first. Sorry for the big goof. All of my testing were done with the official skins by Gilou999.

Option to display static if no movie exists got borked. Fixed.
Fixed the bubble sort in the unzip routine. Whoopsie.

Manually changing screenshots after first highlight of a game was not working correctly so if you had an action and some misc screenshots it would display the misc screenshot first.
Hardware filter being changed to bilinear for some reason when using on screen keyboard in SD modes (for example the "save controller configuration" option. Fixed.

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