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D3D QuakeX

Download Name: D3D QuakeX  

Category: Xbox (Original) XBOX Homebrew Games

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

We now have the awesome Quake soundtrack by Trent Reznor of NIN playing in the background. If you don't want the music playing you can delete the music folder in the root of the D3DQuakeX folder. I will work on getting the music volume and music on/off options working at some point.

New bug reports are welcomed.

What's News
Version history: v1.0 - Initial release.

v1.1 - New SDL sound code. - Implemented background music using new sound code. - XBox controller buttons black and white can now be mapped.

Known bugs:
1.) Sometimes auto fire randomly turns on.

2.) No support for SD/composite (this will be fixed next release).

3.) Pressing up in the options menu from the first item will highlight an invisible menu item underneath the last menu item.

4.) Look inversion option doesn't work.

5.) Music volume and music on/off options not working.

6.) Controls not sticking.

Thanks to:
A600 - Sound code taken from his port of Hexen2.
Lantus - For the original SDLQuakeX port.
Freakdave - For his help with the FakeGLx port and fixes.
FakeGL author (
Everyone in this great XBox community on EmuXtras.

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